Digi-98 is a channel on DAL net that my friend, MrdokI (pyromania.cjb.net) go onto. Here is some guff on the people that go there:

 Name Nick Comment
James Dean KamranM I did this site.
Jono Ward MrdokI A friend of mine. I did a site with him once.
Tom Scott ZygoTeS Owner of Digi-98 site (http://digi.future.easyspace.com)
John Leitch |||stan||| Stan is an op in Digi-98
 Dan Atkins Wagoo Wagoo is a minor op type person that made Dreamwarper, a bot. He also got a HOOJ phone bill and got a right bollocking from him parents.
Jim Dove [Jim has lots of nicks] Some geezer that MrdokI talks about
John Eddows. Ten 98 Another geezer. Apparantly he's an annoying git!

If I forgot to enter your name in mail me at james@rygannon.force9.co.uk