i'll make pictures of these ppl when i feel like it

ruke ruek kreeeeeeelm



zygotes gre8 guy


muh i dont know him much
ben hello ben
dragz m8 suypreme
garrett writing a fucking letter TO THE QUEEN
mentsk9i from kent.
wagoo leet bloke
dansu also leet but prolly hates me
mike j leet too
jaymes )( QUEER queer greasy cunt
psb rampantly failing his degree
st3ph3n cant spell
teng is gr8 but looks queer w/ hair
dbulmer rubber faced king of shit dream posts to alt.digitser.
fish boy good bloke, comedy skinny as fuckness, prolly quite short too. prolly listens to strange music i've never heard of
behh best arkadas
dreamwarper talks more sense than yarwood.
alter ego another bloke i cant really rem.
orochi-guyver some geezer
beven hehe execllent geezer.
squattie works for ntl but still gr8

best turkish and alroudn SUPERB BLOKE however "I'll don't join to that shitty channel anymore" so we wont be seeing him again )))))))))))))))))))))))))::::

yarwood worst english
skitzo m8 of the greaselord james cackhill
alfatek vegetarian cunt
kearns grate guy
barnard also great
lord av him too
cake good bloke but stupid for spending £80 on a tshirt just cos some jap designer touched it once. and i know he's here twice.
dave deans alright but over liberal self hating middleclass type cungty.
spug hes great too, he looks llike she should be stood on the front of th box of norton utilities
matt99 bloke who's nick i rem. wasn't a cunt/
favus hehe superb
feRd otttarr!!! etc gr87
cake gr8
GAY POOF hayn is shit. did make alt.fan.doki though so that redeems him a bit
hjixk has a cheesy cock
kev mega hax0r 32
xio mate of kevs. might not be a wanker. i dunno. i'm not an expert.
kenny snes me mp3s somethjis
jim fuckign excellent
branch likes dirty dirty filthy porn
bukem unretarded american
ornag ok
red-11 great gyuy from bsack in the day
str0be dont know him but be awear that he will be wearing black jeanzzzzzzz
ZeRoCool2 was good but now hes turned gay
CHRIS BUCCKLEY always been a cunt
FAT SLAG TOYAH still a fat slag
steef complete wanker according to everyone who knows him.
WILB USED TO LIVE NEAR ME seemed ok and used to work at MCE but they're a bunch of cunts who dont kow what a crossover cable is
duroc never met him
yuki ALITUIR not as fat as toyah
wilfrid guy ben knows
ezz the oldest humon ever
_kie_ seemed ok.
judge nutmeg i think its hughes so hes leet. never says much
Samuel_D turned up in alt.digitiser again lately. think he had some other nicks, ok humon <[SAM]TiTaniXNEz> Doki, I demand that you say that I am from Northern Ireland
tafka found on old websits
tsdemon absolute fucking cunt. also purplehippo and other gay names.
jadefalcon and him, but i rem speaking to him he was ok
colin coldseal ox or cam geezer. ok
the gimp good bloke, but left because he was convinced we all hated him or sommat
barnard also good bloke
mystic girl incredibly fat girl from hull
the_great_muta excellent brother of wilb, everything this bloke says is genius.
littlemisshappy some random irish bint that deans desperately wanted to fuck
cassetteboy gr8 geezer w/ insane music he makes
stott don't know him but jims says hes good so he must be
flippy amusing geezer but he cusses kargo and he's a gr8 m8 so fuck off flippy
sterri was good but then turned into some sort of anti zeraw cunt/. i once saw a picture of this bloke naked and it was fucking terrifying. go here to see the terror
mikem absolute fuckign wanker, got no mates and has to keep tyring toget back in. see my gr8 piss take site here
mcwib constantly added shit quotes to dw. think hes fucked off to #bubblegun now. also acts like an utter cunt in alt.digitiser
mrbiffo the bloke who writes digitiser. don't know him so he may or may not be a cunt
stuart campbell jim said HE IS A COMPLETE MUMLESS CUNT
espilon hes an irc good and he knows more about irc than dalvenjarhaarwhatshisname
robinb ancient geezer, i think he had something to do with radio1.co.uk or .org or something
mrgoat good bloke but i thought he was mikem for a bit and acted like a willy. i think he called mne a 14 year old or somnething
MC68080 (i don't kmnwo but i've been told) was the original digi spy
loki remmedby jim. always scremaing about sticky dogsex and a cunt and reckon he was a girl
spudgun also by jim
pu55 mate of teng
grizzaly remmed by jim and vaguely by me
solid pete another mate of the teng / eddowes being
misha strange quiet dude called ross
phuq brother of eddowes. may be more or less fat. has secret stash of marsbars
cj99 other bloke. once got an email from him saying DOKI DOKI DOKI DOKI DOKI etc.
bennyx i'd fuck his sistger. im amazed he hasn't tried to kill me for saying this yet.
mantis mate of mentskis seems good.
_zinCC___/coffeewasp some bloke zyg and stab rem
^Rapunzel^ or something used to cyber yarwood in the chan, mohh.
reeves also american, and not retarded as far as i can see.
ATAD also wagoo m8 from some odd startrek chan or somat
TedMAul worked for team17 as a tester i think was gr8
androoooooooo from hull, number of os varies, gr8 bloke
dave` somne new geezer turned up lately
mark98 is matt99 apparently
2 scooops ppl apparently 1 made q2 maps, and the other one lived in key west. wherever the fuck that is. sounds liek some sort of stupid merkin place name
Ewanc soem bloke
There was someone called MrOCS or something
endless_summer / b0dhi turkish geezer from oz.
kramp__ gr8 turkish / foreign female apparetnluy. müge:)
Kamran_Mulik used 2 be a m8 but then i destroyed his mind
spok still a m8 but lame so ibanned him
hargle m8, pretty leet but #digi scares the shit out of him
cheza m8 of dansu, looks like barry hardcastle. think he took offence when i told him this
glydnwr wizard. also weslh. geeky bloke. however garrewtt = lunix king
dreamtengu hung about for a bit. didn't say much. spoke to him a while ago whilst installing LUNIX. i thought he might be teh fbi so i hid it etc.
david elleray the football referee or possibly not the same bloke
Ironheart simon nash. got on the register for osmething
leonard he used 2 come in "being" a girlie
knight of ni NI!"!!!!1 Gr8 M8 of Our Lord and Master Wagoo
Xz some bloke who turned up
richard fairweatehr FMOOSE im not sure who this bloke is but he's prolly some other bloke off the list,
remikz some bloke. i thnk he got his bird up the duff. we prolly suggested coathangers and knitting needles.
deeshay drinks w/ zygotes and knows inand. murrrr


muhu. fucking i might make a proper page with coulours etc. in fact im bored i might even point photoshp at it

but then i decided i couldn't be fucking arsed.

i would cram pictures of you all onto this but mnost of you are too ugly.

especialy jaymz

he shouldnt be allowed to live in case i ever bump into him in person and am permanently scarred by the horrors of his face

#bubblegun ppl fuck off too.