Ahh the letter B, He's so round....

b0red :
Stay in #digi long enough you'll get bored, as not much happens most of the time people in there are cybering in other channels, or downloading porn on the net. Shouting is a good way to get thier attention, unless they are set away with the reason "doing stuff" this means they are having a wnak.
Borbs :

or B0rbs, I dont know what these are, udders and borbs go together, like bogies and doileys or something, (ask your gran its where she wipes her nose) Theyre probably some sort of ball device hanging from bulls, the male version of udders, although this is only conjecture im probably right as you know this is an accurate guide and therefore if i say thats what it is, then thats what it is, and no ammount of argument will disuade me...
Bots :
Bots are mIRC scripts used to perform basic IRC functions, theres only one real bot in #digi thats Dreamwarper. There have been many attempts to usurp Dreamwarper as king of all botdom, all have failed dismally, Other bots of dubious destinction consist of Hayns attempt Mavisbot was rubbish and had 2 auto replies, and no decernable use, and LordPr0nSeeker, MrPSB's bot which was just a lot of rude words spouting at seemingly random intervals, this also had no decernable use, and little comedy value, unlike mavisbot, which was funny, because it was so pathetic.
Beer :
Beer is a mans drink, hence no-one but me in #digi drinks it, probably, except wagoo, whos been known to drink petrol.
Beans :
David Deans, had his second name changed to "beans" this is really funny, he is not chris morris.
Beaumont, Kevin :
One of the Origi-digi's Kev is lengend, he's been Gossi the dog but now hes the man of 1001 handles (Not as many as Jim but getting there) Most famous for not ever finishing anything hes started, Kev has 128 works in progress at the moment, voted presidente of the world league of apathy, He's "elite" and doesn't like to pay for anything (or so im told) has a tendency to disappear when his modem lead vanishes. Everyone admires Kev, or Keving as hes also known, although its not quite apparent why, He lives in scotland but denies being, in any way shape or form, Scottish.
Bed :
Don't you ever go to bed? No most of us don't supprisingly you can see a lot of us kicking about at 4am, the digi life is a solitary nocturnal one, for some, forced for others, Stan has been known to turn up at 4am when hes chased out of bed by a spider, quite why he has a spider big enough to evict him, is anyones guess, but they breed spiders big in scotland, and they're damn hard, either that or stans a bit of a wuss, you decide, i couldn't possibly comment..
Beacuse it hates you :
When you have a technical problem, ask why its happening in #digi, and this will be the stock reply, it means "I don't know because i'm and idiot", e.g. "why do i error 24 when i run Microsoft Toilets?" "Because it hates you", My advice - read the manual or mail chips with everything, you'll get sorted out quicker.
Bevan, Jim :
Breadvan, or bevan, Probably origionally one of the Alt.digitiser crew Bevans real origins are unkown suffice to say hes tried his best to fit in, and has failed, his "comedy" stilings, of copying other peoples stuff is legendary, almost as legenday as mine, unfortuntely when emulating another persons humour you have to be funny yourself, this point seems to have gone straight over Bevans head, which is shame, still there are really people out there that are ammused by the endless repetion of caps and stock catchphrases, I'm not one of them however.
Biffo, Mr :
Mr Biffo is the man with the help of Mr Sandwichspread, or whatever his name is, who writes Digitiser and is responsible for 75% of all the catchphrases in there, He's a respected jurnolist, so he never comes into #digi anymore, and indeed who can blame him? who wants to talk to us idiots? im sure hes got much better things to do, He's the uncussable hero of all the #digi krew and because we are all such undenyable sycophants, if he ever did come in #digi again, all the talk would be "oh biffo we love you" etc, and im sure he doesn't need that, I however, take the opposite view to everyone else, and being cynical (as is my want) hate him and think he is a fool.
Bills :
Phone bill season is the quietest time in #digi especially during the afternoon and daytime, this is when most of the younger #digi people have thier modems confiscated, which ammuses me no end.
Buying games :
Most #digi users don't by games, because they're rubbish.
Buffy :
The vampire slayer - The attraction of this woman illudes me, but strangely shes another sweetheart of the vast majority of the #digi krew, maybe its because of her athletic prowess, or maybe its because they like ugly women with no chins, (she really does have no chin honest), She comes from one of these film spin off programs i'm sure you've seen, it is rubbish.
Bans :
there are 2 types of bans in #digi, "comedy" bans, and real bans, you can get banned in #digi by ops for all sorts of strange reasons, the main being if you are an annoying "haxor" type, the other, just being high and mighty, fuckwits are never banned, because they have got comedy potential, and we like to bait them, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough! Comedy bans go thusly : fucking@cunt.this.is.really.funny oh! they are so ammusing, no really.
B.T. :
British Telecom, ahh! priase the lord Bob Hoskins for his company BT is great; He owns BT and casually let slip to his "fahhhmily" that they could access free internet, on 0800, everyone loved BT then! oh yes, but then there was a fateful day when it ended, the loophole was plugged and free calls died, instantly the backlash started, BT vans were burnt and Bob Hoskins has been banned from making big budget films such as Mario Brothers (where he played Luigi) and the time he played the Pengiun in the spiderman film - there are roumours there are hitmen after him and now he can only make black and white films in wales, There was a week or so when everyone loved BT because the announced ADSL really cheap, when these romours were proved wrong everyone hated BT again and Bob Hoskins slinked off to the Isle of mann with his super 8 camera and 1000 crates of jellied eels, no-one has heard from him since.
BT Whores :
Every weekend #digi becomes even more shit due to the emergence of the "BT Whores", who talk uttershit all day, killing off all proper conversation untill 4am.
Bunk :
Rubbish, BUNK BUNK BUNK rubber bunk, rubber rubbish, used condoms etc... Bunkum, cack.