C - It really does look like a large prawn...

Chanserv :
Chanserv is the little demon who tells people what to talk about in #digi, although it must be said hes got a little obsessed, he sneaks into digi and changes the topic to "* Wagoo slurps some cock my rectum was groaning in woolworths (feesh)" No-one understands the way the topic system works on IRC so they can never get rid of it, many have tried, all have failed, Wagoo is not a homosexual its a rather funny typo, at the time it was funny (he was slurping coke) in a freudian way ( the austrians arn't know for thier sense of humour) and jim, isnt homosexual either, he was just desperate to go for a poo in woolworths, i assume he didn't because it would have been on the news or something, having a shit in the aisles of Wooworths is a great passtime/hobby and one i can heartily recommend to anyone...
Caps, capital letters, or shouting, are banned on most civilised channels on IRC, banned by the OPs of these channels, in #digi however caps are a pre-requisit instead of making a coherent point, or demand, all you have to do is type in CAPS! this makes you A) right or B) makes people listen to you and give you what you demand, this is because people like people who type everything in caps it shows they are literate and caring and doesnt get in the way of an intelligent conversation at all, Main user of Caps is jim, his caps are almost as legendary as his typing and his bottom fixation, other people who like caps are mainly wrestling imports and foreigners... newbies (whom are in the main ignored) and idiots, who are basically everyone in #digi...
Cats :
When arguments over which console is best and which computer was the greatest, who's games are better have ceased, there are other arguments taking place, these involve what is better, cats or dogs? as pets.. The wird thing about #digi people is theyre not happy unless theyre arguing about things, whos better than whom and what's better than what, everyone knows cats are better than dogs, they dont smell and they are independant, Dogs are just stupid, the fastest animal in the world? its a cat... yes, it is really
Campness :
The only truely camp member of #digi is Mr "Mark Williamson" PSB, Listening to his voicemail message we all laughed at his gay sounding voice, and then all accused him of being gay ( he listens to The Pet Shop Boys after all, as David Frost says "thuuuu clewwwws ar therrrrrr!") but he got very offended, and after the long Hull/Gay war ended in a truce its never been mentioned again, MrPSB says hes not gay and he shows an unhealthy intrest in women just to prove its true, his "myyyyyyy" is really camp and is extra empahsised with a nice pink coloured font in mIRC. He is not Julian Clary, Honest.
Caygill, James :
^Jaymz^ aka Jame0 is an aop, although looking like toadfish from neighbours when he was younger, this hasn't held him back, Spends a lot of nights in #digi while downloading porn, He loves punk music, and has a tendency to call other people who are clearly his intellectual superiors "cunt" although no-one knows why. Most of the time he will only talk to his mate Skitzo, who lives just arround the corner, this is because they are both so hideous they cannot stand to look at each other.
Chris Morris :
Popular award winning channel 4 comedian, and radio host - this is not David Deans (according to mentski).
Cockerneys :
Another common mispelling of cockney, cockerneys are refered to by notherners, as anyone south of nottingham, the main Cockerney is the guv'nor Mentski, the man himself who is cockerney, and speaks cockerney, cockerneys are easily identfied as they are southern, and they say "i'm not a cockerney" which is their mating call and how they identify each other. (Mentski update: I AM NOT A COCKERNY)
Cocks :
For some reason, the whole of #digi is obsessed with cocks. Wagoo has known to slurp one from time to time, according to Chanserv. This is quite an unhealthy obsession for such studly hetrosexual young men. I blame our resident mincing nancy b0y, Mr Mooney. I'm not homophobic.
Computers :
Small box you're reading this on is called a monitor, its connected to a computer, this has little people in it that type nonsense to you all day, you can argue with them, its great, you can play games on computers too, but games on the whole are rubbish and a waste of time, ask any girl (if you know of any) she'll tell you! im sure...
Comedy :
When you make a humerous remark in #digi it may go over the heads of most of the people there, that said the easy way to let them know it was a joke, is to add the line "comedy" afterwards, this makes all things funny and easily understandable to the hard of thinking.. Go on! try it, it really works!
Consoles :
Like computers but these have no keyboard, unless you have a Dreamcast, which is just a middle spec PC without a keyboard, This can be added later... You can play games on these, but theres no little people in there to argue with.
Cunt :
this is a part of the female genitals, a vulgar word for it, people incorrectly call some #digi users cunts, because cunts are useful.. and you'd put your dick in a cunt, there isn't one digi member id do that too..
Cungt :
Common mispelling of the word cunt, you hate somone, call them a cungt, its less offensive than cunt, but nontheless, its probably what you meant, Famous cunts from digi include, Me and Jame0 or ^jaymz^
Cuss :
Biffo invented cussing, we cuss each other in #digi all day long, how we pove our superiority to ordinary mortals depends on our ability to cuss people, which mainy involves saying how great our cusses are and how lame somone elses cuss is, and thus not really cussing them at all, which is a shame, great cusses usually involve homosexuality and incest, noone knows why. cussing (or "slagging off") is used as a defence mechanism, because we don't really want to make freinds because then people will see how socially inadequate we really are...
Choonz :
Tunes! there was a time when everyone in #digi had a go at writing tunes, with greater or lesser success, a lot of people were inspired to get cubase and give it a go themselves, most failed, Mentski, dansu and MrPSB have all written great tunes, i've pumped out some awful tanlentless noise under the guise of tunes, and people like them! haha the fools! MrPSB almost discovered my secret of loading a soundfont, playing a midi and using #digi sounds over the top, but i think i got away with it.. DOH!
Chaimberlain, Mike :
Mike Chaimberlain isnt famous, i don't know who he is, hes never settled on a nickname, and his most famous creations include the celebrity graveyard, Which is in no way shape or form a copy of TV obituary from TV offal, and Encyclo-alt.digi which is the complete guide to alt.digitiser, and is in way shape of form the inspiration for this, or copied from zygotes teletext pages! Mike, although comedic in mail and on the web, spouts comedy second to none (but perhaps mentski), is rather a disappointment in #digi, although does have chegwinesque flashes of comedy.
Campbell, Stuart :

Teletext panel 4 writer and anarchic jurnolist, who frequents alt.digitiser and has been known to frequent #digi on the odd occassion he turns up, no-one belives its him, so take the piss out of him, Although born with a funny shaped head, hes overcome this by having a comedy hairstyle which makes you not notice so much he looks like a new potato, this has turned him bitter and he slags off everything, he likes dogs - so that gives you a view into the sort of person he is. It must be pointed out hes a shameless self promoter, and like me has a vastly inflated oppinion of himself, the only thing he really loves is arran yarwood (lie).
Clary, Julian :
Not MrPSB, no its really not him..
Coffee :
Drinking buckets if coffee is a pre-requisit of being a #digi regular, without regular breaks to prepare and drink buckets of coffee, you may find yourself slipping into a coma.
CuriousOrange, The :
My other nemesis, everyone needs one! His (C) phrases are all taken word for word from TMWRNJ scripts, He loves capital letters and is another WWF import, he thinks wrestling is real and a proper sport! ahah what a fool... Idle most of the time, he only speaks when he wants something, demanding in caps..