D is for Digitiser.. Isn't it?

Dansu :
Thomas Dance, what can be said about this man that hasn't been said already? umm.. "his name isn't at all funny" yes that could... Creator of the seminal classic Digi-beatz, obsessed with all things Japanese, and japanese culture - he'd like anything if the japanese invented it, torture, prisoner of war camps when they dont feed prisoners, dying of radiation poisoning, whaling, Eating dophins, and eating monkey brains fresh from the monkeys living skull - The Japaneese have invented all these things and Dansu loves them all, although he doesn't like Japanese music because liking that would be insane as its a load of shit isnt it?
Dole Money :
All the money I get, spent on the net, is dole money, from the state, one of the SOPS of digi, Zygotes, pays exclusivley for my online time, food, beer, education, cigarettes, and pornography, Im really greatful to him for all his hard earned taxes, and i continue to waste them on all sorts of crap, and he's a bit annoyed about it. I wrote something here about me bieng like one of those sponsored African children, and i send messages to Zygotes, thanking him and telling him how im getting on, and that, and what im doing with his money in a monthy report and something else, about me not being a starving or not actually being black and not living in africa, so therefore not being anything like an african child you can sponsor, this was very funny indeed, but i lost it so you'll never read it and that is a shame.
Deans, David :
See PAndroid.
Demandment and demandment levels :
What do you want? whats all this about? TELL ME I DEMAND IT! we all want something, everyone wants something - wether it be the latest techno-shite Mp3 dance crap from Ibiza (which is funny because this song enforces greek stereo-types ha ha!) well that's great! or the latest really rubbish warez game, that probably wont work anyway, or the roms, for something or other, the latest beeping fad from japan - we all want something off the net unfortunately we're all to lazy to go and find it, so instead of getting it and download it, we sit for 3 hours shouting "GIVE IT TO ME I DEMAND IT!!!" and end up getting ignored and having to go get it ourselves so we could all save ourself time by stopping demanding things in #digi but they're all idiots, so they wont learn...
Dreamwarper :
Ah the ever present bot, Wagoo's best freind, the fully automated, yet senile robot, who repeats, if you stay in the room long enough, what you just said, which can cause no end of ammusement, such as... They have just cut and pasted a knob into them I AM GOD He performs many a useful task such as telling you the time, and flooding the channel with Internic data you dont want to read... being an op he controls the minions and the boring day to day tasks as changing the topic and going Muhuhuh more than anyone else in the channel...
Dragz :
Dragz is another member of my crew I introduced him to #digi he was an old hand to IRC, Drgz - Matt Hopper, is the grandaddy of #digi and its oldest member, renowned for inventing shuch great phrases as "ptr you pooed in the ppl pool" hes more obsessed with poo than jim, and he can dump for england, he once disappeared to the toilet and wasnt seen again for 3 days, the other people in his house can be seen dancing about outside the toilet most days, because i think he probably chats on the net from in there, his love of eating raw meat is legendary, he was an anarchist punk and now he knits yoghurt and is the most bedwetting liberal your ever likely to meet... hes a gr8 m80 2 u ppl. I don't think his vowel keys work at all.
Drubk :
Drunk, Drunkeness on IRC, is never a good idea, although it must be said that wagoo only ever speaks if hes drunk, A good idea for entertainment is to actually sit about on a friday night, i must reccomend this if you like me have no real social life to speak of wait untill the pubs chuck out and sit in #digi waiting for the influx of drunkards, when they arrive they will spout out what they had to drink, and their respective failures to get off with women, then they will try and "pick up" respective #digi members, then of course deny all knowlege in the morning, some people pretend to be drunk when theyre not, i dont know why others make outlandish gay or drunk or even racist comments to get in the topic, noone knows why.
Doki :
Doki, the man of pie! Doki is huge, and he has the biggest head in the whole of #digi, no hes not concieted, his head it just enormous! Doki is a simple farm boy with simple tastes basically he'll eat anything, and can be found on the whole, watching ITV and complaining about how shit it is... but it could be worse he could be watching channel 5 - Addendum! If anyone has seen Doki recently then arn't you lucky? He seems to have dissapeared into a hole in space..
Domains :
The bit that goes before .com or whatever. Everyone has got one now. It's Kev's Fault.
Do you see? (DYS?) :
Do you see? umm, you make a point, that may or may not be wrong, and at the end you write "Do you see?" and then magically as if by magic or something, the person whom you're arguing with suddenly sees the error of their ways, and agrees with you and peace reigns! praise the lord for Do You See? it makes life worth living... Do you see?
Do you fucking see? (DYFS?) :
My god! you are so stupid, why dont you understand that im far more intelligent than you and what you are saying, although its your opinion, its wrong, you are a fuckwit, the lowest of the low, your opinion means nothing, if you had half a brain then maybe you could grunt some sort of cohesive argument, but you can't, what you are saying is so utterly stupid you should be shot! or at the very least have been drowned at birth, DO YOU FUCKING SEE??
Dove, Jim :
Jim Dove, the main man of #digi, and man of 1000000001 handles, (mainly in caps), Jim is legend in #digi everyone looks to him for guidance, his sage wisdom is passed onto the masses, weather they want it or not, he loves american T.V. and really watches Hurcules and Wrestling, His job of work is surrounded in mystery, ive never been able to find out what he does but im sure it involves shouting at people, He swears more than anyone i know, can make 100 typos a minute, and his caps key is probably broken, He likes nothing better than fisting celebrities, he loves food, and doesn't like to pay for anything. Hes also the creator of fulldump and it totally obsessed with shitting, poo and rectums, he will only sit on wooden toilet seats, and loves plumpers.
Digitiser :
Supposidly this channel is for the discusion of Digitiser, but more often than not its the channel used by people who read it once, and decided it was amusing, but like everything nowadays A) not as good as it used to be or B) Something we just dont have time to read anymore, the sort of people who read digitiser are idiots, (all 3 million of them - It must be noted now thats everyone in England (no don't check this fact, i assure you its correct)) these idiots have something in common, they all use it to talk to each other and slag each other off and ask where the roms are, and things like that, the Ops are generally sensible types (present company excepted of course) and the other "minions" tend to be wrestling fanatics, who turned up in the channel because they are idiots.
Digitisers :
small boxes used for scanning porn into your computer, a page of help based on the funny premise that people who go in the channel #digi get confused about what it is about, i've never seen it happen.
#Digitiser :
Another prequel to #digi, it didn't catch on because people assure me, typing /join #digitiser was just far too tireing, and typing /JOIN #DIGI was much easier and it looked better in caps, this may or may not be true i don't know but it sounds good.
#digi-98 :
Prequel to the channel #digi, its the channel that started it all! yes, started by somone called Sterri there was a great munity, before my time you understand and i dont know tha exact details, Sterri has disappeared, and #digi goes on, im assured its y2k complaint, #digi-98 was not, DYS?
Dreamcast :
Sega king of all mess-ups, release this Uber-home console onto the unsuspecting masses, causing a great delay, (Dreamwarper will tell you the time to release if you type "DW dc" wagoo has kept abreast of this news an im assured this updated often) the console however has split the #digi users down the middle, into 2 camps, basically people who cant wait for its release, and people who think its a load of crap and not as good as the PC, thats everyone else, and me! probably, being released with a DVD addon already, its causing much heated debates as to weather, the games are any good, and if its going to be a flop, some #digi users already have a dreamcast, some wont get one, some cant afford one.. Some of us are waiting for the Playstation 2, wagoo will probably get both...
Dalnet :
where #digi lives, the dalnet IRC network, why dont you move to effnet? why dont you move house and like move to a crap area and live out of boxes for 2 years, see how you like it? and i bet there removal men steal your best stuff...
Dump :
Dump means shit, everyone knows this, Your dump if you didn't!
Dogs :
Not as good as cats.