E! one letter up from D, that is...

Excellent :
Just say this when you cant be bothered to reply to what somones just told you, it feigns intrest and makes them feel better. excellent...
Egg :
another Lee and Herring rip off phrase, this has all kinds of contexts to use, its now obsolete, as all the Lee and Herring stuff is, which is a shame, because now we have to make up our own gags, and we're not professional comedians, no we're not.. and as we all know jokes get funnier through repetition.
Ego :
All the #digi users have an ego, they're forever smashing each other down, to build themselves up, a concieted bunch of idiots they are!
Efnet :
Alternative and anarchic IRC server, has no chanserv or nickserv, so you can be anyone you want, channel take overs are the norm and people who use it are "elite" its mainly used for the swapping of various very dubious types of files, these include porn and warez, and very little else..
Eating :
the second most common reason to be away is eating, second only to toilet functions. favourite foods of the #digi kru are, Pizza, Any sort of crisp snacks (with the exclusion of anything cheese flavoured), Ice-cream and assorted junk food - Pot Noodles are even eaten, even before the "trendy" adverts! thats a fact.. literally.
Education :
A lot of people in #digi are students, and really are in higher education of some form or other, which makes you laugh, a lot, if you're me. If you were an Employer then you'd probably cry, a lot, sell up - retire and move to another country, or better still, another planet.
Eddowes, John :
Ten98 - Considered at his inception to be childish and immature and very annoying, Ten98 has matured immensly to become one of the most nicest, funniest people in #digi he know everything about all subjects, and is an authority from everything from Amigas to Zoology, his knowlege is as vast as it is accurate, he has the highest I.Q. of anyone in #digi - it being in excess of 200, hes the tallest #digi member at 8 feet 3 inches tall, he's also the best looking. he's an international playboy, and teaches all the alternative comedians how to be funny and writes all thier material, he has had sex with many many women, some famous including the woman off the doritos advert, and Nicole Kidman when Tom Cruise went out to the shops to buy Ten some Vimto, His worst enemy is Ace42, even though they were seperated at birth. If you are reading this Ten, can i have my son back? I've done what you wanted... please dont rape him....
Emulation :
Pc games are crap, so emulate old games and find out they are crap too, and you realised that the teary eyed nostalgia you once viewed games with was tinged with some sort of stupidity thing that blocks out how lame and pathetic they were, oh we didnt have have graphics back then! but we had game play! oh yes!!, no no we didn't, most games were stupidly hard and looked silly, play a game on Mame and see how many time you have to press the "Credit" key, then put 10p in a jar everytime you do, see how they mount up? yes, arcade games were just a way of making you part with your pocket money when you were too stupid to know better. You probably still haven't learn't either you probably mug old ladies to play street fighter IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII dont you? Oh i forgot to mention, Mike^J is king of emulation, he used to be an op - before my time, He still pops by occationally but hes found inserting himself into women is a lot more fun that playing emulated games or talking crap in #digi, eventually when women get boring, he'll be back!
Emulation 2 :
Emmulation of your heros is a common thing in #digi weather you are Jim Bevan, Emulating mentski and failing dismally or anyone else emualting your favourite stand up comedian but copying his lines and other catchphrases, you may think this makes you look clever, if you DO think this however you are wrong, if you think im clever by copying Mike Chaimberlain then you are right because im obviously far greater than he is, Probably.
Explaining jokes :
If you make a joke, no matter how funny you think it is, please dont go back and try to explain it, no matter how tempted you are, chances are it wasn't funny at all, and you got away with it, or it will loose all funnyness in the explanation, if it really did contain any in the first place of course, or it will make you just seem desperate, theres more important things in life, so get on with is, why are you reading this?