Gullit :
the hole where food is put...
Gullit, Ruud :
Foreign hole you put money in...
Grate :
Great, See Favus
g :
gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! see "G"
G :
GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! If somone could explain its signigicance, it would probably not be as ammusing as it is. Any words can be brightened up with a sprinkling of capital G's such as "MaGle GrapeG" "EuthGenaGsiaGGGG" and "AGGGGiGGGGGGdGGGGGGs" "canGcer"
Going :
When people say "i'm going now" something that's fun to do is to ignore them and don't say goodbye and see how long it takes them to get the hint, and piss off. Its a good way of showing you dont care.
Gay :
Your gay! they all say it, although only 1 person in the whole of #digi openly admits to being gay (or at the very least bi-sexual) everyone accuses each other of being gay, quite why you are supposed to insult you i'm not quite sure, if you're happy and at ease with your sexuality and in a long term relationship then you'd not be phased by being accused of being a bottom-surfer, ahh, yes actually i can see why some people are phased by it now. No-one is gay by choice, the uniform moustache and shaved head, with leather, looks stupid.
Games :
Digtiser is all about games, therefore you'd think that most of the conversation that goes on in #digi would be games related, but it isnt, main topics are Poo, porn and bottoms. :
add a www before it and see the homepage of some bloke with his rectum agast, something that once seen, is burnt into your retina forever, this is a great url, if a newbie wants something and is demanding to know where it is, then send him there... and watch as they go "URGH! MAN!! THATS GROSS!"
goTeS :
the shortened form of zygotes, yes he is. GROAN : the usual stock reply to lame attempts at humour, this has been replaced by "Mohh"