H - Its a Letter... what more can i say?

Hayn :
See Mooney, Nick
Haxx0r :
This is "Leet-Speak" fo the word Hacker, and is infact, the origin of the whole -0r thing, don't ya know. #digi has one resident |337 Haxx0r, in the guse of Mr Kevin Beaumont, the cheapskate fool. (see also 31337)
Hull :
Home of the Hull Kru there were many "jokes" flying about - pertaining to the great city of hull, mainly spread about by people from out of hull who are jelous of our phone system which means we can stay on the net all day for 5p and we don't have to get a manky office job to do it - The enemy of people from hull are people from Southport, this place is the anti-hull and the worst place you could live ever.
Hurrah! :
No-one says this, i belive they should, so there.Hurrah! HardDrive : You run out of space when you sit in #digi and log it, theres a text log file with 25 megs of the word "muhuhuh" check go on!
Hehe :
Vaguely ammusing
Hehe ppl :
M@ hopper phrase, meaning, well "hehe people", obviously. A greeting, a phrase used to put in awkward spaces and pauses in conversation, lovely.
Hoho :
not funny (taken from Tarby, who is scouse, therefore not funny)
h0h0 : Are you getting the hang of the Zero thing yet???
Homosexual :
See Mooney, Nick. See Norvelle, Duncan. See Queer. See Gay.
Homophobic, Not :
See Mentski
Hmmm... :
Fill in phrase, again used when you can't think of anything intresting to type. why don't you just shut up then? instead? doesn't that make more sense?
Hate :
Everyone in #digi hates somone or something, Hate is the thing that defines who we are - I however hate everyone and everything, i was going to do a refrence list of who people are in #digi and what they hate basically that would be me!