Its a big poke in the "I" haha...

Internic :
database accessable through DW's whois command, great for flooding the channel when bored, fave whos domains are and
Innuendo :
Oh! innuendo is funny, yes it really is, our whole humour as the british race is based on the fact that sausages resemble penis's and the fact that other people get hours of enjoyment, from pointing out that some words when misread can make even the most inoccuous of statements make it seem like youve had sex with a memeber of your family or indeed your family pet, you have a very small penis or you are gay. Quite why this ammuses us as a race and ergo ammuses the #digi krew so much is obvious, visual gags on irc dont work, and no matter how much you try ventrouliqusm, pulling faces at people and mooning them, its not really going to work, and as we also know, most people in #digi wont get anything in the way of comedy, if its higher up the comedy eveloutionary ladder, so dont bother trying just say "I had a really big sausage" and everyone will think you are a comedy genious. Stock replies to innuedno consist of "oo-er" and "oo-er mrs".
Idiots :
An Idiot - Yesterday
Everyone in #digi is an idiot.
Intelligent Conversation :
You wont find this here, go somewhere like #morons #stoners
Inverted commas :
Or speech marks, very important you "learn" how to "use" this "important" tool, basically it works thusly, if you are lying - contain the word, that is not true in comedy speech marks, therefore pointing out even to the hard of thinking that it is indeed not true and you are taking the piss out of them, this is used like this, this is really "funny" do you know that?, its a good way to translate sarcasm when you cant use a sarcastic tone of voice.
Idle :
For the most part 90% of #digi people will be idle at all times, thats because they are busy elsewhere, what they do while this is going on is pure conjecture, i for the most part belive they are wanking.
Illness :
Due to an Ilness this Guide was late in release, therefore, Huge swathes of information were lost in a "quit without saving" debarcle... This happens frequently to us amatures, so i apollogise here, for any delays caused when the final thing is finally released, bear in mind this is week 2 of doing this and ive only got this far, so this makes me Lazy, officially.
I love you guys :
Another phrase, which is misleading, this isn't some kinky man love thing going on here, oh no! this is the respect you have for you fellow #digi krew members, the feeling of comradeship you get from whiling away lonely loveless nights talking bollocks, or on the other hand it could be a sarcastic comment used to patronise people you hate, either way its often said, and probably not meant, by anyone, except by hayn, probably.