J. James.. Jim.. See?

James :
Everyone in #digi's real name is james, renamed variously Jim, Jamie and Jameo, except those people who arn't called James, no-one knows why there are so many of them, Logic dicatates that being all of the same approximate age group 16,17,18,19 being the average, its was a popular name 20 years or so ago, I on the other hand belive that they're starting some sort of underground plan ala the body snatchers to take over the world with james's but the fact they are all so annoying means they hate each other and cannot decide on a plan of action, so instead struggle for supremacy in #digi. this is total rubbish but it filled in another paragraph.
Jenkins, Mike :
The one true Emulation King. Mike has since left #digi to pursue an active social life, including having sex with a real lady.
Jungle :
Digi is split 50/50 down the middle on the topic of music, half the population are Dance fans the other half prefering the more contempory rock stylings of "proper" bands, This can cause heated arguments (you will notice a lot of arguments) that rage for days, it never gets resolved at all but it goes on... It's a commonly held belief the younger contingent are Dance charty fans (Although they wont admit this as they pretend to be into the more obscure echelons of dance, so they can say "ahh but youve not listened to D.j. arsewrangler and the frigids, so how do you know dance music is crap?" conversly all the "rock" fans are mainly in the Offspring, whatever big american band is the next big then catergory, I of course can look down at my nose at all of them because i like decent music, and they have no taste, It could be noted now, that Hayn has the worse music taste of anyone in #digi, closely followed by MrPSB
^Jaymz^ andJame0 :
James Claypole or claypigeon or something... see cunt
Junkies :
Well they're all addicts arn't they? Strangely having an addiction to Heroin or Crack cocaine would probably be cheaper than internet/IRC addiction, Yet, these people still turn up day after day for endless hours of inane drivel, Quite why this is, is anyones guess, my guess would be theyre addicted to pron and the IRCing is just a sideline while waiting for huge avi's to download - I could be wrong of course, but that hardly EVER happens...