Kearns, Neil :
Kearns, Imaginatively known as "Kearns" is the most cussed member of the #digi krew, why this has happened is unkown, Ten98 is the major Kearns cusser - there are many others too, however this doesn't put the little lad off oh no! he returns day after day to suffer the tirade of endless jibes, and seems to in a rather masochistic way, enjoy all this attention - Maybe thats because hes in brighton and gay, possibly not - I'll let you decide, His job is that of paperboy, you wont see him in #digi late at night, because his mothers tucking him in, favourite Kearns joke goes as follows, First Brighton Queer : "umm ducky, has the paper boy come yet?" Second Brighton Queer "No dear, but Kearns has a glassy look in his eye" with hilarious consequences.
Krews :
Everyone has a Krew, or do they? yes well a Krew is a circle of freinds sharing the same intrests, if you have freinds no doubt theyll turn up on the same channel as you, and talk with you, however, it may be worth noting that most of the more objectionable members of the #digi krew do not have a krew of thier own, they assure me (frequently) they have freinds but they wouldnt be seen dead in #digi, this isnt true at all and is infact an excuse, thy have no freinds at all, i have the biggest krew, i am the most popular, therefore i am best.

KKK : Aka the Klan, Facist, stupid americans, Kill them all...