LLLLlllllllllllllllllllllllamas, My head hurts!!! Help me!!

Leitch, John :
See ||Stan||
Libby (from Neighbours) :
This young female can be seen pretending to be a piece of wood in the popular gritty drama, Neighbours, twice a day. Jim became obsessed with her, and is after self-fisting photos, if you have any. The thing I find funny about This obsession, Is that at the time Jim fell madly in love with her, she was "A bit of a bloater".
Linux :
Apparently, this is an operating system or something, Kev uses it, as do some of the others, personally, I cant make any sence of all this talk of "Red Hats" and that... why cant everybody just suck Bill Gates' corperate cock?
Loony :
Everyone in this goddamn channel is a loonie. Be it Crazy Sex obbsessed Jim, Or Keanu Reeves fancying attention seeking bender Mooney. They say there is a fine line between lunacy and genius. Take it from me, The majority, if not all of these people, are the latter.
Lovely :
See Excellent
See Dove, Jim. Also see Loonies.