OOH OOH! OOH! etc..

Mang :
Another bastardisation of the English language by the #digi krew, It is simply the word 'man' with a G at the end. I am not sure if the G is supposedto be a silent G or not, but you can take it as read that this bunch of illiterates will bolt it on to any word with an 'n' in it, such as 'cugnt'.
Mcdonald, James :
Not ex-wheelchair bound comedy "irish" man from coranation street, but actually TheCuriousOrange, you can find him under C for CuriousOrange, the and not the word you were thinking of.
Mentski :
Famous Man-Beast Legend. Really famous. Sold out with his Ali G Archive, giving him huge media coverage for essentially "Breaking Channel 4's Copyright". Has Nothing to do with Munkrosoft - Ohhh no. (He is probably a Cockney - Favus)
Mew :
used by Zygotes instead of Moh. There was a time when we were all using a speach synthesiser to "Stephen Hawking"-up #Digi. It said "Mew Hew" instead of Muhu. Proof, if anything that Stephen Hawking is a mincing Queenie, probably. Modem : No, no idea what this is. Moh : A way of laughing, think of it as a "Guffaw", or a "Chortle".
A louder way of laughing, think of it as a loud "Guffaw", or "Chortle"
Monkeys :
Monkeys are the best thing ever. FACT. I mean, look at the PG tips ads, or Clyde from those Clint Eastwood films. Of course, the problem is that they are not monkeys, the PG boys are chimps, and Clyde is an Ape. Which makes monkeys, in in fact, the carpper and poorer cousins, of the Chimp and the Ape. So there.
Mooney, Nick :
Is he or isn't he? yes he probably is... One of #digi's most annoying members, also known as the Questionmaster, mooneyism, is the act of asking dumb and inane questions, such as "whats the url for microsoft?" Mooney is the only "real" "gay" member of the #digi krew although many think its probably just attention seeking behaviour, its known that he does have a website dedicated to Michael Portillo, As mentioned before he does have the WORST music taste of ANYONE in #digi, wich includes such crap as Vengaboys and yes! even Boyzone, so he is probably gay, he loves sky and set up the channel #skydigital which he wants us all to join and we don't.
Mmmm.. :
See Hmmmmm....
See Williamson, Mark
Munk :
I'm not quite sure what the hell this word means, although It's brandished around with such hasty abandon that It must be pretty important. Actually, come to think of it, this is #digi, so nothing ever makes sense. oh munk.
MunkroSoft :
An anonymous face of a certain member of the #Digi Krew, making comedy websites, such as http://www.britney-nude.com, http://www.hitlerdance.com, and http://www.mentski.co.uk/munkrosoft, not like the last URL is in any way a giveaway to who the hell the anonymous HTML merchant is...
Muhuhuhuhuhu :
Another way of laughing... Having fun yet? We are! Thin of it as a dirty laugh, probably created by "The Great Jim Dove"
Steven Hawkings arse, Smelling of shit and ottar (Yesterday)
A phrase once said by Stephen Hawkin whe having his winnits plucked by his personal nurse. That of course could be a lie.
Mysticgirl :
or Kelly collins, Not a frequent #digi member most notably the only female semi-regular there is, she only comes in when she wants something, or to brag about the latest humon she is about to marry, unfortunately she doesnt seem to get the fact that the members of #digi are male therefore are not jelous of the fact shes having a penis inserted into her regularly.