Here we go with the letter P. On the home straight..

PAndroid :
David "Beans" Deans is one of the elders of #Digi, which many people may find strange as he is only 3 years old. It is a known fact that Beans first logged in to #digi while swimming through his daddys right gonad. He is NOT Chris Morris. He alo has long boring pointless conversations with Kearns right in front of us. The little fucker should learn how to use IRC's private mssaging facility.
Puns :
We are home to a vast amount of crap puns, including many plays on words, most of which appear on #digi's wonderful topic bar.

Porn :

We don't like porn, its disgusting, and not tittilating at all and by all means no use as a masturbatory aid : see also (lie) and pr0n.

Pr0n :

We all like Pr0n. be it fake pictures of Britney Spears self fisting (fist0ring) herself, or Martina Hingis self fisting (fist0ring) herself, or Libby from Nieghbours self fisting (fist0ring) herself, or...


We like primus, I even liked them before Southpark, Yeah sure you did.. I can hear what you're thinking..
Porridge :
All Scots love porridge, made with a) water and b) salt, this is a FACT.