Scott, Thomas :
see Thomas, Scott.
Scotland :
Cold country up north, full of filthy foreign People who cant speak..
Sex :
Gratuitous SEX picture No 1.
It has come to my conclusion that not many people in #digi have had sex. Further investigation brought me to the result that 40% of the channel still beleive birds and bees are involved. I mean, think about it, most of these people are permanently online or Drunk. so Screwing somebody is totally out of the question. (unless its out of their lunch money - Favus)
SEXO LOCO! Fucking spanish channel spammer, comes on with different alluring names like 'Tracey', personally, I think whoever is doing should make the spambot use good porno names, like 'Emily Hymen', 'Jessica Lovejuice', or 'Super-Cock-Sucking-Woman 51'
Spelling :
Nobody in #digi can spell, apart from Zygotes, who being analy retentive, will correct you at every point ( I agree! - Favus). However, many times, words are purposley misspelt, usualy swapping two words aroundfor no reason whatsoever. Take the word 'send'... swap the middle letters, you get 'sned', looking silly alraedy, isn't it? well, add the Obligitary '0r', and you get 'Sned0r'! This gives the channel a language of its very own that no humang will understand. This is probably why the Turkish invade our channel, as they have a silly language, too...
The Digitiser online presence gets worse and worse every day, hence My (Mentski's) saying. Personally, I blame MR PSB and Nick Mooney, and their incessent mincing. I'm not Homophobic.
||Stan|| :
Why anyone who is really called John would want to call himself a name more associated to 80 year old doddering farts I do not know... ||Stan|| Is the king of Scotland, not to mention #Digi, and is the founder and everything, and has probably been around longer than anyone, apart from Mentski, who knows better. Yes.