U is for underpants... from the 70's...

Ugly :
Everybody in #dig is horrendously ugly, fat, or both. Apart from Jim, of course, who is gods gift to women. (addendum : and me - Favus)
Um Bongo :
They drink it in the Congo, apparently. I assume they do it when they are not killing each other and eating "whiteys". Um bongo is made with the juice from the bladders of south american monkeys, and not from the pretend ingredients in the song list, this is true..
Urgh :
Stock reply from all the blind dates most of the #digi krew have ever had (please note theres just 2 of them, the rest have never dated.)
Underpants (from the 70's) :
Paisley underpants with a Y on the front, or lime green ones, Excellent! but them from Oxfam and that, the ladies love them! (note : you tend to get more after a harsh winter I don't know why)
Unf! :
The sound of sex, online, although at the other end i'm informed it sounds, "Click Click squelch! argh my enter key, space doesnt work, that the hells going on, theres my toilet roll?"
Under the moon, late night sports show, you could phone in, with Danny Kelly (the fat bloke) and Tom Binns (the guy off the wheat crunchies advert)