WOMEN! Mohh!

Warez :
or in its correct spelling, 'WaReZ', means Pirate sortware. you may find this dodgy material on FTP sites with ac.uk extensions, along with Pr0n, and MP3's
Willy, Spinnin' on the end of your :
Once, only amigas span on the end of the #digi krews Willys, for a while however, nothing was safe from the willy spinning phenomena, and, thanks to raving-non-bender-honest, Mr PSB, the channel got a load more samples that would never be used again after 4 weeks contant play. People/Things that span on the end of willys included pictures of Roger Moore, Bing Crosby, and Geri Halliwell proving once and for all that MrPSB isn't as queer as he sounds.
Wagoo :
Wagoo is a famous spagetti sauce, who also happens to be Dreamwarpers keeper. Known to be online at least 24 hours a day, he survives on a diet of Callipos and Cocks.
Wanker :
Anyone in #Digi who says they don't spank their monkey is lying through thier teeth. We all wank, sometimes less than 500 times a day.
Williamson, Mark :
Not gay, and doesn't like people saying so, oh no. Marks favourite pass times include Listening to the Pet Shop Boys, Getting people to chase him, and dressing up like a biker with a big droopy moustache, to dance to YMCA. Wrestling : Thanks to "The Great Jim Dove", every weekend #digi is flooded with Wrestling fans, with their capital letters, Wrestling Talk, and their demandments. Why only the weekend? Because they are cheap BT whores.
Wiggers :
Don't you just hate wiggers? white middle class humans that think theyre black, I must appologise right now, to all the Black people whos land, culture and women we stole, Especially Jamiriquai and eminim *SPIT*