Cos They just don't run to a page each!

See Pr0n
Xylophone :
See "words put in to pad out the 'X' Section".
Xenophobia :
I could write a tirrade in here about being P.C. and nice to the foreign jonnies that invade #digi from time to time, but im not going to, simply because as above, its just another X word to "fill in"
Lager (australian) How DO they manage to get the cats to balance on those tins when filling them?
Yes :
Using 'Yes' at the end of a sentence makes it even more True. Yes.
"Your Gay" :
Another Crap mincing queenie saying made by the mincing queenie pooftah division at #digi, I wish they would all die. I am not Homophobic.
ZygoTeS : Tom Scott, Famous male strip-o-gram, and Co-Founder of #Digi. Tom had to quit his stripping job after doctors found him to be predominatley "ginger", has since become a "Janet Whore".