15 September 2003
You work it out.

9 April 2003
D is for Deans, and that's what I've updated following a correction from the man himself.  HE'S NOT DEAD, REJOICE!

7 April 2003
EXCLUSIVE NEW U SECTION OPENED.  New: Update.  That is all.

3 April 2003
Slight changes including the removal of the old front page image which is at least 75% out of date info-wise.  Added some new entries, think I have corrected or killed most of the broken links.

ALL NEW!  Get eDigi updates on your WAP-enabled mobile!  For more details click hereWARNING:  THIS LINK IS UNSUITABLE FOR ALL BUT THE MENTALLY ILL.

2 April 2003
Added things, corrected things and changed some stuff around.  Don't ask me, I only work here. Look at the bottom of this page.  GO ON, LOOK.

1 April 2003
Added things, made the clock work again, got rid of broken counter link.

5 January 2002
Changed: Agree, #digi, AD2, Small corrections to layout, Email address for suggestions changed
Removed pending rewrites: Hutchings, Hughes

3 January 2002
Essay "I love Eau de Toilette" added

28 December 2001
Changes made by MrPSB without the knowledge or consent of the nominated maintainer using l33t haxx0r skills.  MOHH OMLOMOHLMOHLOMUHUHUHO.



6 September 2001
Hilarious temporary page added. You're all cunts, STOP COMPLAINING, a "real" update will be up soon enough.

29 March 2001
Hahs Digi TV schedule added to the Essay page.

25 February 2001
SUPER TOP SEKRIT update for people who have nothing better to do than check this page from time to time, and not announced in AD for several reasons. One of which is that it's only a little thing - Daniel Thornton's entry has been changed. Pfah, eh?

13 February 2001
Boundaries and records are shattered and jaws hit floors as the Encyclodigi is updated more than once in the same year. Facts? Here:

NEW: Why You Should Not Use Usenet

UPDATED: Agree; Charing Cross Branch; Flamefest2k; Gregory, James; Hardy, Stuart N.

26 January 2001
Encyclodigi celebrates the amazing future-year of 2001 with unrestrained updatery, which - when analysed with a special microscope - looks like this:

NEW: 3:16; Deja.com; Footnotes; Gillett, Andrew R.; Illiteracy; Lorien; Pr0t; Ronny Magic; Ryder, Abigail; Top-Posting

UPDATED: #DIGI; Best Game Ever; Bootblock; Bulmer; Campbell; Charing Cross Branch; Cussing; Fish-Boy; Glyndwr; Gregory, James; Hughes, Craig; Jammo; Lucas, Shaun; Newbies; NTK; Riot9; Sheldenkar, Samir; Smith, Rich; Stewlarts; Thr0nton; Arran Yarwood; Your Gay

Punctuation and spelling fans will doubtless be thrilled to discover that the new version of eDigi has been proven in independent taste tests to be 71% more correct in these areas. That percentage again is 71%.

EDIGI Has been written by far too many people to thank here, so I won't.  Oh, go on then:  Daniel "Thr0nton" Thr0nton, Mike "Mike^C" Chamberlain, toyah "toyah" Robson, Richard "FMoose" Fairweather, Stephen "Stewlarts" Craig, James "Jammo" MacDonald, James "Fakename" Bevan and Mark "DISGUSTING PAEDOPHILE" Williamson.  Anybody else who feels like being prosecuted for their crimes against humanity, tell me and I'll put your name here for when the police come knocking.  All ROMS must be deleted within 24 hours for educational purposes only.