Essays - Manchester
With Stuart Dennett

The Manchest0r possť met up in a pub called Joshua Brooks. In Manchester, natch.

Events of interest:

- S.Dennett waited outside for ages, only to discover that M.Chamberlain, K.Hutchings and PSB were already inside.

- K.Hutching's m8s were there. One, "Ben", spilled his pint on S.Dennett's trousers.

- S.Dennett did not realise that one of K.Hutchings's m8s, "Mark" was actually M.Williamson, until it was later pointed out by M.Chamberlain and K.Hutchings.

- M.Chamberlain was wearing a puffy (leather) jacket. K.Hutchings has since speculated that this may indicate mafia links.

- After drinks were consumed in J Brooks, a club called "Royales" was headed for. M.Williamson had to queue for hours, as he did not have a "special" card. He was not seen again that night.

- Inside, a game of Sega Rally took place. S.Dennett managed to beat M.Chamberlain and K.Hutchings.

- On the way home, in a drunken state, S.Dennett and M.Chamberlain discussed the usage of demandment levels, and their relevance when ordering pizza.

- M.Williamson was quite quiet throughout the night, so when some of the digi possť met up for a second time, we were shocked at some of the filth coming from his mouth.

- Background info: S.Dennett and M.Chamberlain are at Manchester Uni, doing the same course (Computer Science). K.Hutchings and M.Williamson are at UMIST, doing different courses, but both living in Wright Robinson hall.

- S.Dennett and M.Chamberlain had once arranged to meet K.Hutchings before, at Moon Under Water. They were disappointed to find that K.Hutchings had already gone because they were like ten minutes late.