<Ten98> ------------------------------------
<Ten98> People that I (John Eddowes) consider gr8 m8s in aphabetical order:
<Ten98> ------------------------------------
<Ten98> Alfatek - For being an unashamed Man-whore in the face of overwhelming opposition
<Ten98> Androo - for being mad and trying out new shit all the time
<Ten98> B-A-R-N-A-R-D - hehe, he's got loads of dashes in his name
<Ten98> Beans - Cos he thinks he's a huge cyber-terrorist
<Ten98> Ben Keeble - even though he cheats at games
<Ten98> Bevan - #1 wales man extrodinaire, invented the letter O and some other less good letters too
<Ten98> Bulmer - cos he wouldn't crack no matter how much I slagged him off
<Ten98> Cake - cos he knows more than 2 big words
<Ten98> Dansu - cos he's all cool and has branes
<Ten98> EZZ - cos he came back, and thought we were still doing weekend "meets" I mean Q T F.
<Ten98> FeRd - cos he's a m8 of tom and sets fire to stuff
<Ten98> Fish Boy - Cos he's called fish boy ffs
<Ten98> Fmoose - For agreeing with me about some mad shit
<Ten98> Garrett - is all brainy and knows stuff about nose's and shit
<Ten98> Hayn - for not caring about the rampant queerbashing despite being an official gaylord
<Ten98> Hicks - For turning into a complete mental case, HEHE
<Ten98> Infectious - cos he keeps threatening to fight people outside the BBC or something, HEHE
<Ten98> Ironheart - cos he speaks to me about strawberry fanta at 6am
<Ten98> Jaymz - cos my brane doesn't think he even exists
<Ten98> Jim - cos he's crazy good, invented just about all the phrases ever
<Ten98> Kargo - number one best of #digi
<Ten98> Kearns - cos he thinks it's 1996 still, HEHE
<Ten98> Knight of Ni - cos he had the sense to fuck off when people started hating him
<Ten98> Little Flippy - cos he's prepared to admit he might not know everything in the world ever
<Ten98> Lord Avatar - cos he thinks Mir is REAL
<Ten98> MAM - cos his name is CANADIAN STEVE and one time he ate his own cum, HEHE
<Ten98> Mantis - cos he comes and digi's from 9 squillion miles away
<Ten98> Matt Hopper - Shows you that even crusty old men can be ace
<Ten98> Mentski - some kind of monster but still pretty funny
<Ten98> Mike J - cos he tells me things about motherboards
<Ten98> MrGoat - Wicked geezer, not leet due to Mac but wants to LEARN
<Ten98> MrPSB - cos he's a fuckin lunatic like me
<Ten98> Muta - cos he's only 1 years old and doesn't know anything about anything
<Ten98> Nukem - proves that even a catholic american can be bright, and codes me scripts when I ask him
<Ten98> Oi_oi_Saveloy - for being leet in a non leet world
<Ten98> Ornage - cos he still owes me a cadburys boost and went even mentaller than hicks, HEHE
<Ten98> Rich Smith - cos nothing ever bothers him ever
<Ten98> Samuel - even though he seems to think everything he says is BRAND NEW INFORMATION sometimes it is.
<Ten98> Stan - For being totally fucked to the head and morose all the time, hehe.
<Ten98> Steef - STEEF PING, HEHE.
<Ten98> St3Ph3n - cos he chats about stuff LIKE IT IS FOR FUCKS SAKE except gaypubes, he's got a boner for them
<Ten98> Stott - Never says anything but is still cool
<Ten98> Tapeguy - cos he sometimes comes and says funny things
<Ten98> Thomas - shares my brane sometimes
<Ten98> Toyah - cos she loves hampsters more than people, HEHE.
<Ten98> Wagoo - It's Wagoo ffs.
<Ten98> -----------------------------------------------------------------
<Ten98> People who I think are fucking cocks:
<Ten98> -----------------------------------------------------------------
<Ten98> Ace42 - Easily the shittest person in the whole world. Even worse then Idi Amin.
<Ten98> Mikem - FUCK OFF
<Ten98> Chris Buckley - Self serving little shit
<Ten98> Ollygally - Big stupid dickhead racist with no penis
<Ten98> Adrian Wood - Shitface
<Ten98> Papamoomin - Uses linux like a big gay and isn't even clever to make up for it. Knob.
<Ten98> Red-11 - only ever appears when he WANTS something.
<Ten98> -----------------------------------------------------------------
<Ten98> If you aren't on here then you're either too shit to remember, or haven't
<Ten98> been in for so long it would be a waste of the skin on my fingers to put you in
<Ten98> Yuki Alita was a m8 but she fucked off so I h8 her now. err. yeh.
<Ten98> -----------------------------------------------------------------

<Ten98> dM
<Ten98> MMr peace bras
<Ten98> 4MMML .
<Ten98> MMMMM. xf
<Ten98> . "MMMMM .MM-
<Ten98> Mh.. +MMMMMM .MMMM
<Ten98> 3MMMMx. 'MMMMMMf xnMMMMMM"
<Ten98>=.. *MMMMx MMM" dMMMM" .nnMMMMM*
<Ten98> "MMn... 'MMMMr 'MM MMM" .nMMMMMMM*"
<Ten98> "4MMMMnn.. *MMM MM MMP" .dMMMMMMM""
<Ten98> ^MMMMMMMMx. *ML "M .M* .MMMMMM**"
<Ten98> *PMMMMMMhn. *x > M .MMMM**""
<Ten98> ""**MMMMhx/.h/ .=*"
<Ten98> .3P"%....
<Ten98> nP" "*MMnx