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Milk milk milk, yummy yummy milk.

The Facking Page you wanted to be at!!

The Facking Page

you wanted to be at!!

Best Viewed at 0 by 0 with 0 colour. HUHUH Fuck you arsehole!

Under huge fucking construction you absolute shit.

I only put this Under Construction notice here coz during a .TV show about web pages, some bloke said its good net etiquette to inform viewers the page is still in development. And as those of you that KNOW me, are Very Aware of my Excellent Net Etiquette.

FUCK it im gonna go play FF7, Erm, I was just about to do the DIGI FAQ but then i thought, Hmm no i wont, Ill do it ONLINE later when da MENG are in Digi-98, well all do it together.

I have started a "PROPER" site with quite good looking styles n shit. Take a looksie and tell me what u prefer. Again i cant be arsed to put the link in just simply add 2 to the munk.html u see above

somthing.jimdove.munk2.html DO YOU SEE??
If it dont work use munk2.htm

So, Do you prefer this sort of CAOTIC Look with lots of random lines of Loonytext, and Abuse, or the New Proper looking site,
tell me. TELL ME NOW!!!

Do you leeds?

Ho ho ho MUHUHUHUH some more HUH huh's
Sod the fucking spell check, I got bored running it. So Spelling mistakes 3:16


don't fucking work yet, so piss of f
well it may do. Try it you Monkey YES IT DOES FUCKING WORK

Great Blokes List

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Irc Nick if available. Also great blokes who I know from other places from the Net.
In no particular order, randomness is here. A bit like my mind. EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mhuhu.
 is it me being nuts, or does this table look like something from a kindergarten?
Name Irc Nick Comments
John Leitch ||stan|| Superb Bloke, supports Celtic, known by me as Stanley Van Halen 
Kev Beaumont
Quite possibly the "dodgiest" bloke I know :), a Supreme Bloke!!
Tom Scott
King of the World. Innovator of Ho ho ho! and Haw Haw! MP3 God
King of the world also. Has Supremeness in abundance.
Simply Is the MAN!.also is the King of Superb nicks...
Mike J
Master of Mp3's King of Emu's, King of emulation also. Ho ho ho!
Christian Cage
None. Hes a REAL Pro Wrestler. Wrestles for ICQ in canada, still young and has trained with the best.
Canadian Wrestler, His best mate/training Partner/Tag is Edge in the WWF. Expect him to appear soon also. Bloody cool eh?
Good bloke. Always up for an online game of something, which reminds me to whip his ass at Motorhead. 
Tell Me Mate Ezz__
Not seen him for a while. The oldest digi reader of all time we believe :) Someone for us young digi readers to guide us.
Cracking bloke from #digi-98, actually asked to be added to this list, which means he is Truly a Great Bloke.
 Bot God.Superb bloke. Also an amusing chap. His bot dw is DA Mang also. 
just gimmie a shout hmm this is in bold. and a stupid font, Heading 5, Hmmmm. Yes, I was too lazy to start this shitty page from scratch so I made a page using the stupid frontpage wizard. This HTML Authorer does in fact suck, I also See it biting Sheep. I may decide to Stop doing this right n...............
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uNf uNF


Lamer List

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 A Table full of Wankers who roam around on and off-line
Pos. Name Irc Nick
 D Head
He even drinks Diorreah after hes Banged Eolis up the Rectum. This guy likes to view small boy nudey pics too.
2 Sucks A_Mans cock Eolis 14 Year old. Sucks A mans cock too. most prolly dresses up in womens clothes r.His parents are Most DEFINATLY Brother and sister, or should that be Brother and Brother since his err "mom" got the operation
3 QueerBoy GAMERX Again 14 Year old american, But He Reports Nukers, also Creates False Nuking reports. Probably Molests Sheep and various other FarmYard animals
4 Unknown Curt-Hennig Stupid 16 year old. Most likely will end up being imprisoned then Raped in the showers by "MR-BIG"
5 Terry Bolea Hulk Hogan Yes, the wrestler. He sucks and I hate him.
6 Eric Bitchoff Eric Bitchoff President of the WCW. Almost fucked up sports entertainment for good a few years ago. Hes getting his ass whippped by Vinnie Mac now though. 
7  BBC Television  BBC  British TV channel, fucking sucks, they are full of shit, and they made it law that if we Own a TV, we MUST PAY for BBC (TV License) Even if we dont ever wanna watch the fucking channels the BBC do. Now what SUCKS!
Hehehe, 5 above are all Americans. Theres a suprise.
right, I know about 3 More , but I KNOW that stan has a few enemies online, so tell me who they are.

Again. You can VOTE for your Wankers to be added to this list.



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Greatest Nicknames of all time

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Pos. Nickname Creater
1 CaptainBeefWrists Dansu
2 Captain-Leg Dansu
3 I-Cant-Believe-It-Flushed Jim
4 Mr-Udders Bloke from Digi. (apparantly)
5 Mr-Biffo Mr-Biffo
Yeah, 5 at the mo. Ill add more when I can remeber them. Also. to VOTE for a nick, send me an email, then after each week,or month depending on votes, the Top Ten List will be updated. Or just shout your vote at Me in Irc. I can be found in #wcw a few week nights or Weekends. #digi-98 is currantly being maintained by an Almost Certain New entry which will go straight in at Number 1 of the Wankers List. However, He does seem to have a split personality so He might be the only person in Both Lists above.
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Reasons Why Man U fans are Cunts

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Ok, Heres a comment. SUCK IT
Coz they All Fucking Do
They all PUMP each other in that shitty stadium they visit each week. called Wank Trafford, known also as the Theatre of Pants.


The Great Sayings and Phrases List

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Created By
Do you see?
Mr Biffo
Oh Hell Yeah!!!
Steve Austin
Two Words: SUCK IT!!
Bad Ass Billy Gunn/DX
There Can Be Only ONE!!!
Clancy Brown/ Christopher Lambert
Do you leeds?
I Am Captain Lid
Im gonna open up a can of Whoop Ass
Steve Austin
Bite Me
Some Bloke in the bible. Austin stole it
 Cram It
 Nelson Munse/Zyggy
Do you Facking see?
Kiss My Hairy Yellow Butt!
Homer J Simpson
Lets Rock!!
Al Bundy
I need a dump
 I really DO need a dump now, Cuss, I need to EMPTY myslef!
 Why the fuck am I doing this page?
 Guess Who
 Im gonna go try to UNBlock Myself
 Arse Buiscuits
 Stan and Kev

 sound clips in wav format for you Pathetic Wankers who cant use mp3's or are too stupid to know what one is. dont matter anyway, the wavs still will be smallish, so Ill ave em playable online at the click of a button. Now if i can only remeber how to set that shit up. I aint dun shit in HTML code for about 1 year. Hmm. Kev? stan. Tell me so I dont have to do it myself
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Where the fuck did this bit come from .?

Anyway, hmmm Ill ave a look one day.

Please tell me what you think about this page.I didnt fucking write that, It was automatically with the Stupid comments thing which is below. Oh Yeah Sterri, You can Suck the Shit from my arse. Youve crossed the line, Now I shall break it over your fucking scrawney GEEKY neck.



From: hehe I have no idea why this form is here, it dont work but fill it in if u fucking want you cunting BORIS

Moqqal Twung If then goto HELLO WHEN IF BUT NO

Do you toilet FUCJK

ABBA on TV hang on
LA la lal la


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Loads of back to top links
Even this is. MUHUHUH Haw Haw!! ho ho ho!



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Err. Link to pics. I cannot be ARSED to make Thumbanails or to even pic individually to each pic so shit i just noticed this is a strange font HUHUHUHU UNDERLINE MY ARSE. I MUST SHIT And BATH Soon. FUCK!!!!
This Link will take u to a page with about 8 pics on it. Must see TV. HEHE HUH MHUHUH
Just click the Fucking link dumbass!
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  This link might not work coz i cant be arsed to see what i called the NUDITY page, Its pic.html i Think. If it dont work simply manually type the pic.html or pic.htm. i cannie remmeber what it is, facking FTP proggy May change it or this compiser. Bollocks Im off seeya.

make that Month, coz i hate updating n shit.
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Big Bleedin Surprises
over the last few weeks
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  1. heheh
  2. Book 14
  3. Teating fonts, this one will do
  4. FUCK pozy numbered list ang on
Christian Cage (My Mate) is now IN the WWF. Yes thats right. How cool.See him on any of the WWF programs, RAW, superstars, Heat, etc...he debutted in the WWF at the Big PPV, In Your House: Break Down.

Ultimate WARRIOR showing up on WCW Nitro this week. Confronted HollyWood "Hulk Hogan" the Disciple (Brutas The Barber Beefacke" and WCW President Eric Bitchoff in the ring, a very long derrating by the Warrior to Hogan, Hogan only said "I thought you were Dead" into the mic in an aproximated 10 minute segmant. Yes, It was good to see Jim Hellwig (Warrior) back,  and in good fashion, it remided me of the good old days when Both were in WWF and everything was leading up to their Infamous "Ultimate Challenge" Main Event World title Match at Wrestlemania 6 all those Years ago. That was really their only match, and a piece of HIStory was certainly made on nitro this week. The ONLY Interesting thing EVER to have happend in WCW. Now lets watch WCW completly FUCK the whole thing up as usuall, and RUIN the LAST Blast from the past, hehe that rymes, Oh well, It was probably worth it just to see the Ultimate Warrior show up after his dissappearences from wrestling since about 6 years ago, Warrior has been for 2 Very Short spells, (2 months) Its amazing how Huge the guys Character is.considering he has been around in the scene for like YEARS and Years. but has been on the outside most of the time, Ah Bollocks
Im eating this Cornetto before it gets warm and NON HARD>.

Since Hogan joined WCW and formed the nWo with 2 guys Paied lasrge sums of money to leave one fed for another, The Face of Pro Wrestling was changed forever. Since then people have always wondered will things ever be like the good old days where the fans cheered for honerable and "heroic" fighters in the ring like the late 80's. Eric Bitchoff has bought pretty much all the Superstars from those Days, Hulk Hogan etc.. to try to bring back those days, this is a common thing with WCW, they simply BUY things and people after another federation, usually WWF or ECW, who have been totally molded and made into who they are by the other feds. and they have done it again with the Ultimate Warrior added to the WCW roster.  However, I thinkg the "Warrior" got it spot on in his in ring RANT the other day when he said

"There are things that cannot be Recreated, there are events that cannot be reenacted, these events are never forgotten, and you are witnessing such an event RIGHT NOW........"
A Truley HISTROIC Event in the World of Pro Wrestling, I shit you NOT!

Warrior on the Left. Hogan on the right. DUMBASS!!!
Is the above picture there? hehe I doubt it is but you can smell my rectal passage instead.
Yes, for those of you who only remeber hogan in his WWF days as a super hero and really goodie goodie, Hogan is the guy in this shades and cap thing. Hes a BAd guy now :) also known as a Hollywood, the Chant. Hogan SUCKS" was heard during this interview :)
The Ultimate Warrior has always been a Super Hero Good Guy and Will always be.

Famous People Bit

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Stu Campbell and Mr Biffo from Digitser on Ch4 Teletext. Met em both online, argued with Campbell for a while, Hes a good bloke if you dont argue with him

Christian Cage from ICW, Canadian Wrestler, the biggest celeb I met online, also EDGE, World Wrestling Federation wrestlers. Yes. THe WWF.
Christian Cage has now been employed by the WWF, Oh Hell Yeah!!. Hes currenlty involved in the Edge/Gangrel Angle.

Some chick from UTM. ages ago Under the Moon, held a Irc style forum just before the show started, spoke to chick from the show. Cool

Ive been read on out UTM many times, Stanley Van Halen also has had stuff read out.


Bollocks Im off now

REM BIT coming up

Tues, Need shit and bath, 7am-530pm CUSS FUCK, hope Arse Scrape not happen, Wed-Sun, REM REM ON SUNDAY LOOK AT THIS!!!


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Copyright information goes here. Yea Yeah. My ARSE
Give me some more money, you bastad, errr Luv Neil. Nah you cant put Luv neil that sounds much to much lke, Bollocks im comming online to Scream this update at you.
Last revised: August 15, 1998.Well I dunno bout that, Microsoft are fuck Udder Sniffers.