KAULFUSS, PHILIP has been in alt.digitiser for ever, even before it was created, causing big mess ups in the space-time continuum and that. He's so funny.  So funny that alt.digitiser isn't good enough for him any more, and he's gone far, far away.

KEARNS, NEIL His main contribution to the newsgroup, apart from talking about obscure indie shit, is the invention of the Kearns Based Gold Star, a now widely adopted system used for rating posts by goodness. At least, that would be his main contribution, had the Kearns Based Gold Star not actually been an invention of MARK WILLIAMSON. Even if it had been his invention, it wasn't much of a contribution as it's now long-dropped. Neil Kearns was in alt.digitiser at the beginning, then he went away, then he came back.  He's probably lurking around somewhere now, last seen in #DIGI, probably.