WACKY RACES The BEST GAME EVER, and published by GREMLIN. Also see NTK.

WANKER, TRULY YOU ARE WHAT IS KNOW AS A Could your head be stuck any further up your own arse? No one asked you to read the post so why dont you fuck off else where? What right do you have to have a go at the posts on here? None you tosspot. Truly you are what is know as a wanker.

WAR alt.digitiser likes a scrap. Small scale fights often ensue over mundane things; perhaps a console vs PC comparison, or perhaps a fight with the NEWBIES over why they're so shit. A major war was fought in the NEWSGROUP alt.fan.digi with some whinging kids who wanted to take it over to discuss Digimon in. Despite the fact that the group had never been used, the alt.digitiser people fought and won the war, reclaiming alt.fan.digi, and filling it with life for about two weeks. Before letting it die again, natch.

WEAVER, MILES RIOT 9'S opinionated columnist. In his case, "opinionated" generally meant using the words "fuck", "cunt" and "shit" in several combinations in a 1000 word essay. Apparently he "TELLS IT LIKE IT IS". Except he stopped after a while. Perhaps we broke his spirit.

WEBB, EDWARD Well spoken Edward has supposedly been away from alt.digitiser because he's working on his web page and he won't have enough time to post. That sounds like a load on nonsense to me. More like he's realised us for the idiots we are but doesn't want to hurt our feelings. Aah, that's so sweet Mr. Webb, we REALLY REALLY miss you. Yes.

WHITE, GERARD More of a #DIGI person than an AD type, but he does post on occasion, and he's not utterly shit. Think he might hate FAVUS, but he might not. It might just have been a joke.


WILLIAMS, MICHAEL "Fuck off Williams, you fucking gay chinless southern twat". Goes to 0XF0F0R0R0F0F0DR0D0R0F0RD university. Only person who seems to be in the slightest bothered about getting an entry here. Now his life's wish is complete, perhaps he will whither and die. Blood on my hands. Still, eh?


WOMEN alt.digitiser has never had as many women posting to it simultaneously as occasionally post now (two).  They get away with murder because everyone secretly wants hot steamy bedroom pleasures with them, and because nobody wants to make a girl cry by battering them senseless verbally.  Except those who see through it all and call them USELESS NEWBIE WOMEN or something anyway.  The current FLOOD of women on a.d. is entirely the fault of DEADJOURNAL.

WOOD, ADRIAN Even Gédrian himself admits that he is utterly, hopelessly and completely shit, but that still doesn't quite make it acceptable. Need an unamusing joke driven dismally into the fucking ground? Adrian's your man. Need someone to affect cerebral palsy into a webcam? Look no further. Want to read amusing and intellectually stimulating debate on matters of interest? Then you might as well repeatedly bludgeon yourself with a large garden trowel rather than pay attention to the drivel that this complete SHITEHAWK posts on alt.digitiser. PS: Adrian Wood isn't really all that bad.