RACISM alt.digitiser isn't racist. We just hate the fucking Yanks and Frogs.

RAMP, YOU ARE THE A fun thing to tell NEWBIES, who immediately declare we're making it all up.  If any of the NEWBIE CUGNTS ever did ANY PRIOR RESEARCH or lurked for even a SECOND before posting they would have discovered it refers to how a skateboarder uses a ramp to skate on, make kerayzee tricks on, and generally gain amusement from.



REV, THE Another one who posts FAR TOO BLOODY OFTEN, especially when pointlessly responding to SPACETERRAPIN in threads that increase dramatically in awfulness as they go on.  Used to suffer from BOGGIS-style "I'm in America you know!" shitness, but after being forced to move back to England, er, no longer does.  Posts about seemingly anything that's on his mind with no thought as to relevance or interest to others (see also: DEADJOURNAL).  Likes Buffy.  And cakes.  Is really a Reverend, yes.

RICHARDS, DALE Joined alt.digitiser with a bang by admitting to nearly being prosecuted for statutory rape, Dale's posts never did improve upon his early promise. Adds insult to injury by using LINUX and having arguments about it with GLYNDWR and MATTHEW "TWO Ts" GARRETT.

RIOT9 Self-styled voice-of-the-people website that was so shit its own editor gave up on it. Its creators spammed AD with news of its launch, and received nothing but criticism for it was a blight on the internet. A few months later, they did it again. Apparently they were from the Isle Of Man, which explains a lot. A site so terrible that its own hosting company randomly removed it from the internet. Riot9 is now dead, long dead, but its sheer pitifulness continues to hang in the virtual air of the Internet like the fetid stench of a 6-week-old rabbit carrion. See also: WEAVER, MILES, TELLS IT LIKE IT IS and DISTURBANCE 8.

RONNY MAGIC Ronny Magic burst into our alt.digitiser lives in an explosion of embarrassing mistakes; he posted using his mother's name, TOP-POSTED, espoused the virtues of Linux over all Microsoft's efforts despite posting using Outlook Express, and was horrifically run over and killed by an comically out-of-control circus jalopy piloted by a monkey in a clown suit. Luckily, since then, he has actually turned out to be not awful, and now spends his posts talking about computery things, bless him. A bit like GLYNDWR, in fact, except without the beige shorts. Also gets very cross with NEWBIES when they make embarrassing mistakes, possibly through a innate sense of guilt and shame at a subconscious level.  HE'S STILL HERE.  IT'S A FUCKING MIRACLE.

ROSE, PAUL (aka Mr. Biffo) This is the man who started it all, the main writer for Digitiser. He is an underpaid genius who everybody in the games industry hates. Not surprising, considering the number of their first born sons he has killed and eaten. Mmmmmm. First born sons. He used to post to alt.digitiser fairly frequently, but now cynically only appears every now and again to promote his site bubblegun.com.

ROSS, GERRY The now defunct but still reigning King of Mess Ups, he progressively talked more and more shit as time went on, to the point that each and every one of his posts actually appeared in brown, even on non HTML newsreaders. The only correct thing he has ever said is in his last post: "OK, I'll admit it, I've been an arsehole". Surprisingly accurate, as nothing but crap has come out of him from day one.  AND NOW HE IS SILENT.

ROYALTIES It is customary for you to demand royalties if anyone uses your phrase/idea/young child/sexual position, especially if your name begins with a 'MARK WILLIAMSON'.

RYDER, ABIGAIL Girlfriend of BULM0R. Possibly frumpy. Has used the love handle "nummy muffin" (referring to Bulmer, presumably) with malice aforethought at least once in her AD posting career.  Creator of "Worryfox", a fox who seems to be relentlessly persecuted by a naughty squirrel, which one can only assume is some kind of covert reference to BUML0R's bedroom technique.