SCOTT, TOM Enigmatic Tom Scott has been around since the beginning of time (when alt.digitiser was created). Usually posting under a name which takes the form of a combination of 'M's, 'O's and 'H's. Has an obsession, amongst other things, with the following: Munk, Onion, Marrow, Bunk. See also AGREE.  Amazingly for someone with an eDigi entry, still posts today. 

SHELDENKAR, SAMIR After being cruelly axed as Deidre's husband in Coronation Street, Samir followed the road to alt.digitiser, where he lurks and posts on occasion. Appears to hail from CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Has been described as the Nintendo of AD - in that he posts infrequently, but those posts are invariably excellent. Or something. Now, like Nintendo and Animal Crossing, HE ISN'T POSTING AT ALL. Cue much wailing from his fanboys, except everyone's forgotten him.


SMITH, ANDY This guy is God. If he was any funnier, he'd be able to become an amateur comedian and everything. Recently fathered a sprog in order that his excellence may continue into the Next Generation.  Promptly disappeared off the face of the Earth, Smith is as missed as he is worshipped for a cunning escape from the MOHH/OMLO cycle that pulls everyone back to a.d. within days of their leaving.

SMITH, RICH (aka FAVUS) "im favus im grate" as the truly great man once famously said. Famous, not just as a celebrity, but also for his Purple Ronnie style poems, about poo and necrophilia and that, the quality of which is debatable, but we all know that world would be a much badder place without our friend Favus. Recently left #DIGI, claiming it to be "a young man's game", before fulfilling the seven billion prophecies made on AD along the lines of "you'll be back in a week" by - no! But yes! - returning within a week, ostensibly to find people to play Unreal Tournament with. MOHH OMLOMOHLMOHLOMUHUHO.  Jesus Christ, Unreal Tournament?  THAT WAS THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO.  He now hates a.d., and rightly so.

SNAKES alt.digitiser was recently almost rivalled in the popularity stakes by alt.digitiser.snakes - a stupid arsed newsgroup that is currently dying a slow and painful death. Its advocates included ROBERTSTER DAWES and Chris Young. Popular subjects there are posting ASCII pictures, Mr. T sketches and scripts of Star Trek and other equally geeky TV shows and films. They recently predicted they were going to "destroy" alt.digitiser. O---K.... Since the last update, the group still exists. It now survives on about three posts a year, a joke that I also used for AD2, a similar half-arsed attempt to avoid the shitness of alt.digitiser by being almost, but not quite like it. Zounds, the irony.


SPACETERRAPIN Again, shockingly, is FEMALE, with blatant disregard to the effect she is having on us sad lonely (WELL I AM ANYWAY, SO FUCK YOU) males who spend all day masturbating over animal pr0n and typing "MOHH".  Lovely Zoe comes to us from DEADJOURNAL, and therefore has lengthy conversations with THE REV, and CTHULHU with scant regard for anyone else who might want to penetrate her.  Conversation.

STEWLARTS The lovable rogue that is Stewlarts rarely posts. When he does, the raging Scot wears his disdain on his sleeve, informing people of their downfalls, and politely requesting they leave. Hated ADRIAN WOOD before it was cool to hate ADRIAN WOOD.  Was responsible for the WACKY RACES thread, which resulted in GREMLIN looking a bit silly. Occasionally resembles a hobo.

STOP BEING SO SHIT Another phrase created by MENTSKI and given to the AD public. Used when someone is behaving like an utter cretin, or has made an unbelievably stupid mistake. Often coupled with GET OUT OF MY NEWSGROUP.