MANCHESTER In September 1999 four people from alt.digitiser started universities in Manchester (MIKE CHAMBERLAIN, STUART DENNETT, KENNY HUTCHINGS and MARK WILLIAMSON). They have not become known as the 'alt.digitiser Manchester Posse'. Shockingly, these people seem to possess social skills and yes, possibly even lives, as they met up. The events of the meeting, are detailed in an ESSAY.  Historical note:  After the events of the ESSAY, MARK WILLIAMSON spoke to KENNY HUTCHINGS personally approximately four more times in three years.  STUART DENNETT was less fortunate, finding out all too late that the pikey cunts he was living with (and which MIKE CHAMBERLAIN had previously abandoned a year before) knew the pikey cunts I was living with, and the WHOLE WORLD WENT PIKEY for both of us.  It's like Coronation Street but with fewer old people.  Honest.  

MAKEASHORTERLINK.COM A useful website that reduces a 4 line URL pointing to a google thread (or indeed any other HUGE URL) to a more easily managable URL of the form Heck, it's even impressed resident LUNIX boy GLYNDWR and it's not even open source: " I really like They mean I have to open a webbrowser and actually load the page before I can tell if I've seen it before. It has the added benefit that, in years to come when the dot-com behind it has disappeared like all non-money-making web firms, all those links will stop working, thus making big chunks of Google's usenet archive useless."

MEIK M (aka MiekM and a million others) This space intentionally left blank.

MENTSKI Russian piece of shit by name, Russian piece of shit by, erm... name. The target of one DAMIEN AIRFIELD's scams, which involved him starting a mailing list about hacking and then getting them all to reply to poor 'Ski conforming their acceptance. He'll make you laugh with his jokes, he'll make you cry when he anally rapes you. Along with MARK WILLIAMSON, has created most of the popular alt.digitiser phrases, which he has kindly put into the public domain.

MICHEL Apparently not MIEKM (see above, I'm not making a link it's just UP THERE), and has a garage studio, except he doesn't really.  Bevan told me to write all this, so don't get uppity because it makes no sense.

MOHH This is a laugh, although how you can possibly laugh like that without sounding like a tart, yes, one who has sex for money and everything, is beyond me. It came into common use because people didn't know how to/couldn't be bothered to type MOHH OMLOMOHLMOHLOMUHUHUHO out fully.  It has recently been joined by a few variations, "MIHH, MEHH, MUHH, BIHH, BEHH, ZIHH, ZUHH" See also MUHUHUHU.

MOHH OMLOMOHLMOHLOMUHUHUHO The origin of MOHH (actually that sounds like a Japanese RPG), this should be used in situations which cause great laughter.  It has also been postulated that it is the sound made using the MOUTH at the point of ejaculation.  If you're not sure how to spell it, LEARN HOW, it really isn't difficult and getting it wrong is INEXCUSABLE.  The TOM SCOTT method for learning how, devised by the great man himself while bored at work goes like this:  First there's "MOHH".  Then, there's OMLO and MOHLMOHLO.  Then you have MUHUHUHO.  If in doubt with the last part remember it has 3 H's in it.  Continually type it out for about 3 hours and you'll get the hang of it.

MOONEY, NICK Self confessed homo/bisexual, depending on his mood and whether you're Jill Dando or not, at one point Nick authored about 85% of all messages. As most of these were concerned with the pressing issues of the day such as "my mouse just broke" and "isn't toothpaste great", his leaving came as sad news to few, relief to most. A short time later, he came back, and started up a long-term campaign of posting copious amounts of shit to the group. Later evolutions of Mooney saw him posting links to excellent URLs that he found on his travels. Usually ripped from NTK, or from what somebody else said in #DIGI. His only real contribution to alt.digitiser is the new phrase, PINK RAGE, and he only created the concept of that. Not the phrase. Nick alternates between being incredibly shit, and being averagely good.

MUHUHUHU This is a laugh, and should be laughed in an evil manner, aloud, each time you read it. See also MOHH.