AD2 Mailing list started up by people who wanted to talk about "real" gaming issues instead of all the "crap" in alt.digitiser. Cussed bigtime because they use egroups, not ONElist. Although that's all academic now, since eGroups and ONElist combined their services and were promptly swallowed by Yahoo.  AD2 still exists but the only thing that can be seen there these days are three posts each year, all of them asking about aeroplanes.  Hurrah for success!

AGREE Agree, also known as "I agree" is by no means exclusive to AD.  Quoting a 400 line post in its entirety and adding "I agree" at the end is one of the  examples used by people who remember the olden days when "netiquette" still existed, and the Internet was coal-fired.  Its use in alt.digitiser, however, began as with most AD "things" due to a #DiGi conspiracy.  MrPSB said to TOM SCOTT "I am going to post 6000 line messages, and I demand that you reply with "I agree" to all of them.  Tom Scott duly agreed and they brought TERROR and FEAR to news admins everywhere (lie).  "I agree" is, quite obviously, used when you agree with a post.  However, the post should be of sufficient length for your adolescent rebellion against the grown-ups who would impose their rules of "netiquette" upon you to actually be worthwhile.

AIRFIELD, DAMIEN One of the many guises of this troll/scammer, which also included "Taylorscum" and others which I can't remember now. Caused trouble for everyone by hoaxing people into a mailing list then posting all the addresses he collected. He's gone for now, but if Freeserve don't revoke his account, we expect he'll be back.  Long since revealed to actually be BEVAN.



ALT.CONFIG Self-styled guardians of the alt.* newsgroup hierarchy.  Theoretically made up of news admins who discuss proposals for new alt groups before allowing them to be created.  They are obviously very successful at this when you consider that they refused to agree to any digitiser newsgroup in alt.* and the fact that there are now approximately seventeen billion empty digitiser newsgroups in alt.digitiser.* and others.

ALT.POSSESSIVE.ITS.HAS.NO.APOSTROPHE A newsgroup solely dedicated to saving the apostrophe. Generally people post examples they have seen of APOSTROPHE CATASTROPHE and others in the group probably write irate letters or emails to the offenders or something. Number of posts to this newsgroup would hit at least quadruple figures per day if every alt.digitiser post containing a catastrophe were reported here.

ALT.TEST.FUCKFACE Came about after people finally became fed up of test posts sent to alt.digitiser. Evolved from "ALT.TEST FUCKFACE" (which is missing a comma, See ALT.POSSESSIVE.ITS.HAS.NO.APOSTROPHE) until someone added a dot somewhere along the line (if you actually care who it was ask Google or something) making ALT.TEST.FUCKFACE. Recently became a real live newsgroup (not a lie) after extended discussion in alt.config (lie). See also: .FUCKFACE

AMIG0R Variant spelling of "Amiga". MARK WILLIAMSON explains; "Amig0rs are so powerful that they aren't allowed to be discussed for any reason whatsoever unless you have a special permission slip from the US military. Therefore when discussing the Amig0r over the Internet you must type "Amig0r", or the US authorities will find it on and arrest you."

ANIMAL PR0N Variant spelling of 'animal porn', and forms the basis of a really really funny thing, which goes a bit like "You / STEPHEN HAWKING / John Prescott came round my house, and tried to barge in holding albums full of animal pr0n. When we wouldn't let them in, you / he just stood outside and posted them through our letter box", as NICK MOONEY never did to MARK WILLIAMSON, as described HERE, no.

APOSTROPHE CATASTROPHE An incorrectly placed apostrophe, E.G. "Finest Banana's 25p each".  For a true catastrophe it should be an accident, although it is often used in alt.digitiser for "comedy" purposes.

ATARI ST After they passed up the opportunity to have the Amiga all for themselves, Atari immediately released a quickly knocked together low quality competitor, with a MIDI interface built in (which is all you'll fucking hear from ST users, incidentally).  This, the follow up competitor to the A1200 called "Falcon" and their ill-fated "64-bit" console Jaguar eventually led to them DYING HORRIBLY.  Then being resurrected as whores of Hasbro.  Mohh.  For other whores of Hasbro, see GREMLIN.