HARDY, STUART N. Prolific Digitiser letter-writer who once posted on AD in 1999, although whether it really was him or not is still undecided, even several years after the event. This is more because nobody has actually thought about it one way or another during this period of time rather than it creating any sort of passionately-reasoned debate.

HAMERTON, SEAN alt.digitiser.snakes skank.

HATE Everyone seems to hate at least one other person from alt.digitiser, a few, like FAVUS, hate everyone.  I'm meant to add that everyone hates ADRIAN WOOD here, but that's not true because I think he's great.

HAWKING, STEPHEN He often comes round people's houses with his albums of ANIMAL PR0N. Once nearly ran over MATTHEW GARRETT (not a lie).

HOLMES, SHERLOCK From the now tedious phrase "You must be Sherlock Holmes, yes, really him" 1999 MIKE CHAMBERLAIN.

HOMOSEXUALITY There are strong undertones of homosexuality in alt.digitiser, although only one person has ever come out. See also WILLIAMSON, MARK.

HUGHES., CRAIG Lovely Hughes. loves nothing more than to... actually I don't really know that much about Hughes, despite being told (yes, I know, HUGHES., IT'S NOT OPTIONAL ETC) ages ago.  One of the few people to sensibly drop his DEADJOURNAL before it SWALLOWED HIS SOUL.  Someone once said of Hughes. "All his posts are at least readable."  High praise indeed, coming as it did from David Blunkett (or maybe STEWLARTS.  I'LL NEVER TELL).

HUTCHINGS, SIMON Thinks he's called Kenny.  You would have thought with all his COMPLAINING about people walking up to him and saying "OH MY GOD, I KILLED KENNY", he's have relented and bowed to his parents' judgment, but NO, Kenny is an INDIVIDUAL (in fact, he's a right one.  OHOHO!).  Kenny would be OK but he never posts any more after going to Australia or something, so he's not.  MY NAME IS NOT FUCKING PSB, IT IS MARK.  I haven't got a clue why I'm updating entries for people that have fucked off and aren't coming back.