I CUSS YOU BAD Another of MR. BIFFO's phrases, which has even spawned its own newsgroup (alt.i.cuss.you.bad). They used to cuss stuff there. Now it's completely dead, and has been for years.

ILLITERACY (See also: NEWBIES) The art of setting up an newsserver account, downloading a list of newsgroups, searching through said list, subscribing to a newsgroup that looks appealing, and then posting a message on that newsgroup that contains enough spelling errors, punctuation disasters, and general shitness to shame a six year old retarded child. IT'S A TEXT-ONLY MEDIUM, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Fuckers. Also, GOOGLE 21 YEARS FFS.

IRC LOGS There was a point when the average alt.digitiser posting contained merely logs of chats form the previous night's drunkenness in #DIGI, Digitiser's chat room. These days, posting huge 20K logs containing a lot of people saying 'MOHHH' and 'DCC ME YOUR PR0N NOW!!!' is frowned upon. Occasionally, though, you will see a log of a conversation between a digi regular and some clueless Yank, with hilarious consequences. See also #DIGI.