JAMMO SCOUSE, PR0T, HAIR, RAGE. These are all words that come to mind when you think of James "Jammo" MacDonald. Embroiled in a bitter feud with MrPSB over who is the King of Pr0t (it's MrPSB, the boy is deluded). Also created the long-dormant Pr0t News. However, in the past, did contribute a new phrase to the alt.digitiser lexicon on more or less a monthly basis, which is then used by everyone, forgotten by everyone, remembered by someone a few months later and then used by everyone again. Hates GLYNDWR with a passion.

JENKINS, MIKE The original Emulation King, usurped in late 1998 by MIKE CHAMBERLAIN, who in fact knows nothing at all about emulation, thus being a really good "joke".  Completely disgusted with the whole of usenet, apparently.  Someone has to be the sensible one.  Nobody seems to care about emulation any more.  Not in a vocal "I MUST POST TO ALT.DIGITISER ABOUT PLAYING A 20 YEAR OLD ARCADE GAME WITH NO SOUND, GLITCHY GRAPHICS BUT OH THE MEMORIES" kind of way anyway. 

JOHN, KEIRAN An uninspiring fellow, so uninspiring in fact that the only thing he is famous for is having people spell his name wrong all the time. Went to University, and promptly disappeared from AD. Cripes. I expect we'll survive.

JOLLY, DEREK Has been posting infrequently forever. Likes Spectrums. Someone has to. Has a great name that conjures up images of him laughing in front of a roaring fire, a tankard of ale in his hand.