#digi IRC channel on DALnet, on which ne'er has a word about Digitiser been spoken. Apparently, most the alt.digitiser 'things' are made up there first.  Your best bet for a server is to try either dragons.dal.net or twisted.dal.net, although theoretically any other DALnet server should be fine (I really do mean theoretically) See also IRC LOGS.  However, DALnet as ever is as stable as STEPHEN HAWKING on a unicycle,  so "the best server" is usually any sort of one that fucking works at all.

1337 alt.digitiser hates people who post in geek-speak. Do not do it. They will hate you. Do not say "2" when you mean "to" or "too". Do not say "m8" when you mean "mate". AND DO NOT SAY "l8er". PLEASE. However, there are certain circumstances where 1337 speak is allowed. The word "l33t", for instance may be used to describe something which is more excellent than proper English can describe. "Haxx0r" is also allowed, to describe one who has done something very l33t with their computer; perhaps they've hacked a server, 0wned a box, or somesuch.

3:16 Like Christmas, men with beards, and horrific religious genocide, "3:16" has its roots in TV's famous The Bible, and refers specifically to John 3:16, a presumably really good chapter and verse or something. From there, the phrase has been embraced by the sporting (and more specifically wrestling) community to mean "extremely good" and is used in predictably similar fashion by alt.digitiser. Variations on this quality-quantifying theme include "2:14" (something extremely poor), "4:18" (something even better than a mere 3:16 can convey), "1:12" (something even poorer than a mere 2:14 etc.), and so on in that vein for every possible real number on either side of the colon. This fiddlage of figures to indicate differing goodness and badness in things is now accepted to have been started by NICK MOONEY.

A recent addition to the alt.digitiser lexicon, created by MARK WILLIAMSON, and like all of the phrases, blatantly stolen from #DIGI. MrPSB says: You know when at school you used to call things that were not to your liking gay? This is like that, only a bit more politically correct. Inspired by the Pet Shop Boys song "Se a vida " and the fact that isn't a million miles away from GAY. See also YOUR GAY, YOUR G, and YOUR .