BARNARD, PAUL All round nice guy, infrequent poster. Never uses any capital letters, god dammit.

BENNY X One of the most prolific of the regulars, Benny actually posts stuff about games, going against all that alt.digitiser stands for. Redeemed himself by having a copy of Gran Turismo that contained hardcore porn.

BEST GAME EVER This has been debated countless times on alt.digitiser, but never with any general consensus. The topic either draws responses of obscure 1983 Spectrum games, crappy 1991 Amiga games, Quake, Red Alert or, in the case of whinging 14 year olds, the last game they played. Has now spawned a thousand similar topics, from Scariest Game Scenes to Funniest Game Names. Agreement is still never reached by all. Recently (MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO), an enterprising regular (THE REV) got the residents of the group to send him their favourite games (oh hang on, that one was the one TOM CAMFIELD did EVEN LONGER AGO.  Anyway, the Rev did the most recent one), which he compiled into the definitive listing, which can be found here.

BEVAN, JAMES FAKENAME Creator of many fine and greatly amusing webbers, Bevan has invented a huge number of words in his stay in the alt.digitiser. Apparently a member of the Ely cru or something.  Ely, Cardiff, not Ely in Cambridgeshire which consists of a station and a big church, but is apparently a city.  Currently obsessed with Michel, whoever he is, apparently he has a studio in his garage.  Blood out of a stone comes to mind when describing making any sense of Bevan at all.  It's not even his real name, or something.

BOGGIS Or "Dr Boggis" as he'd like us to have it. Our arse. Somehow makes a point of mentioning the fact that he's working in America in every single fucking post he ever makes. Even if it's about something completely unrelated. Also - did we mention he lives in America? It's not far enough away, the absolute cunt.

BOOTBLOCK Seaside based coder-type. Generally replies to every thread at the end of the week, creating a massive flood of posts. Has an alarming habit of declaring love for people; whether his intentions to these people are honourable or not, I do not know. Hates alcohol. Wrote the original a.d. FAQ.

BUCKLEY, CHRIS The most famous newsgroup user in the UK, Chris Buckley may or may not have hacked and abused BTi's private freephone access line, but certainly turned up in court on a similar charge.  Maybe.  Litigation happy, Chris is always ready to pounce on someone that may have said something about him. This entry is likely to be removed on legal advice.

BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Sarah Michelle Gellar's teen "drama" that was recently discovered to be marginally less shit than we thought. This brief period of unshitness was ended when people started posting quotes and extracts from the series, and it became shit again in a shower of geeks.

BULMER, DAVID Rubber-faced and ginger haired with glasses, surprisingly has gained a new girlfriend since this was last updated, ABIGAIL RYDER. Obviously she mistook him for the heir to the BULMER'S cider empire.  That was five years ago, apparently.  How exactly she could have been "new" the best part of a year after this must have been written is anybody's guess.  Famous for smilies (B^D or something) and also his insistence of using paragraphs and indents like he's writing a fucking letter to the Queen. Previously a KING of the "what I have done today" style and also staggeringly well-remembered descriptions of his previous night's DREAMS. Like a worryingly large number of A.D. people, is now at university. Has a hedgehog fetish.  Also had an amusing FUZZ thing going on, until recently.  HE'S STILL HERE TOO, good thing too, I'd miss his unique POST REPLIES TO THE LAST TWO WEEK'S POSTS ALL AT ONCE style if he went.