OCTOPUS Similar to EGG, probably.  I don't know, ask Hughes. he invented it.  Unless it was The Rev.  Oh, apparently it was the Rev, and it's to do with EGG like this: "INK! LIKE AN OCTOPUS'S INK".  I'm so confused *sob* (yes, I know, FUCK OFF TO DEADJOURNAL AND DO IT).

OXBRIDGE Alt.digitiser attracts a strangely high number of people from Oxford and Cambridge universities. The fact that alt.digitiser is universally known to be a little bit crap, full of bigoted swines and ultimately rather pointless seems to go over the heads of these people, (while obviously being simultaneously secretly ironic) who are supposedly the intellectual cream of our generation. This proves only that the standards of Cambridge and Oxford have dramatically fallen, and that the next Fry & Laurie style comedy duo to come out of these fine institutions will base their entire act on saying things like "YOUR GAY", instead of finely crafted innuendo, sarcasm and whimsy.  Whimsy?  Who the fuck wrote whimsy?  I BET IT WAS YOU CRAIG, YOU DISGRACEFUL HUMAN BEING.  GET OUT.