EDDOWES, JOHN (aka Ten98) Scottish know all (that's tautology if ever I heard it). The thing is, he has never, in the history of the world, been proved wrong. Eddowes' posting frequency varies greatly, sometimes he'll post 20 messages a day of meaningless crap, sometimes only one of meaningless crap. Nowadays, he's unlikely to post anything as he displays an utter hatred of all things alt.digitiser, declaring it to be "crap". This is slightly worrying, bearing in mind that he has never been proved wrong.

EGG Like a hen's EGG!  Actually originating from Lee and Herring again (and how long ago was it since they were on TV, eh?  TOO LONG, THE BBC ARE CUNTS), a seagull continually squawking "EGG" whenever the other one said anything remotely resembling egg.  See also OCTUPUS.  All credit and blame to HUGHES.

EMULATION The topic which once tore the newsgroup in half, quite literally, has now been argued to death, with everyone agreeing that emulation of old games = good, emulation of new games = bad. Except I don't think anyone really cares any more.  See also MIKE JENKINS.