LIE Used to make absolutely sure no idiots misunderstand a blatantly obvious lie. Originally humorous, but tedium has now set in. Usage: "MrPSB is really good at writing EncycloDigi entries (lie)." ©1999 MARK WILLIAMSON.

LEANNE Just who is Leanne? You'll have to ask DAVID DEANS.

LEAVING Everyone leaves alt.digitiser all the time.  The intelligent conversation and witty banter becomes too much for them.  No posts in a fortnight?  I'm leaving.  You're all cunts?  I'm leaving.  This newsgroup used to be better in the olden days they wail.  NO IT DIDN'T.  THEY ALWAYS COME BACK, except if they're good.

LEWISQ LewisQ has the best name of all time. His name is Toirrdhealbhach Ámhairghín Donncha Ó Ceallaigh. Also: he is writing a book about football.

LEXX A great deal better than Farscape or Buffy.

LORIEN The sister of MARK WILLIAMSON, and lust object of the sweaty-palmed AD hordes (due to the actions of JAMMO) in 1999. Led to the creation of Lorien House, then its near-immediate disbandment due to MARK WILLIAMSON getting very annoyed with the whole thing. In the grisly aftermath, at least one AD member was heard to bemoan the fact that a proposed live Lorien showercam was in fact never installed.  The compromise MrPSB showercam unfortunately closed shortly thereafter due to widespread blindness in its many patrons.

LUCAS, SHAUN Became obsessed with MIEKM for quite some time, boring the life out of everyone in a.d as he would repeatedly reply to MIEKM's posts, going on about his "girlfriend". Does nothing but fucking moan. A male nurse by trade, Shaun cheered everyone up greatly by fucking off last year, only to break the hearts of millions by returning recently.

LUGER Official A.D. Dog.  Now dead.

LYON, JAMES Freelance journalist who writes stuff for A Major News-stand PC Magazine. Along with CAMPBELL and MR. BIFFO, helps elevate alt.digitiser from "shit" to "shit that the industry occasionally pays attention to". Frequent poster, which proves that journalists have nothing better to do.